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Orange-garbed single Outset Islander with a vegetable patch full of weeds. Lazily weeds his garden all year until the threat of monsters messes with his schedule.

Relevent Quotes

Nintendo Gallery

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Slacker
Mesa performs his chores at very much his own pace. His vegetable patch is always full of weeds and he spends most of the year trying to clear it out.
He's surprisingly timid and often can't fall asleep at night. He's currently looking for a wife.


After recieving hero's clothes

Oh, Link.
Hey, congrats! I'm really looking forward to tonight, buddy! We're gonna party!
But...are you really that old already? Wow! Time just flies right by, huh?! It never ceases to amaze me.
I mean, for example, I swear I cut the grass in this field the other day, but look at how tall it's gotten! Ah, Well... The mysteries of time and grass...
Say, do you want to try cutting it, too, Link? You'd be surprised at the things people drop in the grass. It's like hunting for treasure!
Except... Without some kind of grass-cutting tool, you can't cut the grass. Sorry buddy.
I can't just let this field be, you know.
If I did, the weeds would take control!
Cutting grass is hard work, but it pays off! People leave the darnedest things in the grass, so if you go to the trouble of cutting it, you get to keep whatever you find.