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Mask of Truth

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A Mask worn by the ancient Hylian people. Many people are afraid of this mask, because it can peer into the soul of any human. Link also uses it to communicate with certain animals and read the juicy messages hidden within the Gossip Stones that are scattered throughout OoT-era Hyrule and the lands of Termina. As visible from the picture the Mask represents the symbol of the Sheikah, which can also been seen on Sheik's clothes and the aforementioned Gossip Stones.


Ocarina of Time

It is obtained in OoT by completing four trading tasks for the Mask Salesman in the Happy Mask Shop.

Majora's Mask

Link can also obtain it in MM by completing the Swamp Spider House and returning the cursed man into his former self again.

Relevant Quotes

Majora's Mask

Swamp Spider House's Man after breaking the curse:

You see, a while back, someone
told me I could become rich and
he gave me this mask.
He said the instructions were inscribed somewhere in here, but when I went to look, I was cursed! If I had known it would be such an ordeal, I never would have taken it. Here! Take it! It's yours!

The Happy Mask Salesman after you show him the Mask of Truth:

That is the Mask of Truth,
isn't it?
You have a frightful mask. But being able to see into people's hearts and minds seems useful...

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