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Kafei is a fictional character who appeared in the game and manga versions of Majora Mask as the fiancé of anju, the son of the town mayor and his wife the festival arranger, originally, he was a man whom would take the hand of the Inn keeper’s daughter, that is until, his path was crossed by Skill Kid, after getting cursed and turning into a child, Kafei tries to break the spell by going to the great fairy but on his way there he runs into Sakon whom then steals his Sun Mask, he then goes to his childhood friend, the curiosity shop owner and asks for his help.


When link is asked to assist Madam Aroma in the search for her son he gladly accepts, with the help of anju, he was able to find him, when explaining what happened to him, Kafei finds Sakon and follows him to Ikana Valley, there, both he and Link bypasses the security door and continue to retrieve the missing mask, after passing the obstacles that was in his way, Kafei then returns to Anju and finally they can complete their mask bonding, making the couples mask

At the end of the game, Kafei is presumably restored to his normal body and finished his wedding ritual.