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June is a resident of Hyrule Town in TMC. She's 18 years old, and wears her long, brown hair in a ponytail (with a yellow ribbon). She wears a yellow and white dress.

Relevant Quotes

I'm so lucky!  That wasn't just any old
festival. It was a centennial festival!
It falls EXACTLY on the 100-year mark!
There won't be another one until I'm...
Let's see here... Yow! 118 years old?!
Jeez, am I even gonna be around to
see the next centennial festival?
Ah, sure. Why not? It'll give me
something to look forward to!"


Country Name
Japanese ジュン ('JYUN')
English June
French Jun
German Gabi
Spanish Jun
Italian Jun


Apart from the German version all translations are quite close to the original Japanese version. Although the English translations does sound somewhat different.

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