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Deku Mask

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One of the masks in Majora's Mask which will change Link's form. The Deku Mask is used to turn Link into a Deku Scrub.



This mask resembles a generic Deku Scrub. When Link wears this mask he is still wearing his green hat. His facial features change to that of the mask, and he also gains yellow leaves, to give the impression of hear, which are visable under the front of his hat. His body appears to be the size of his head. He is also much lighter because he can hop on the surface of water (see abilities).



While wearing the Deku Mask, and inhabiting the body of a Deku Skrub, Link has several abilities which he does not have in his normal form.

Spin Attack

Deku spin attack.png
The first is the spin attack, although not with a sword. This is available from the moment Link is transformed into a Deku. It is useful for defeating enimies, although it may only stun others. It can also be used to cut down grass. Also, it gives link a tiny boost of speed when used while moving.


Deku flower.jpg
The next of these abilities is when Deku Link buries himself deku flowers found in the floor in around termina and in dungeons. Once released he will shoot out and, if aimed right, can be used to defeat enimies. If left inside
Deku flying.png
for several seconds longer, until smoke comes out of the flower, he will be holding 2 pink flowers, which will give him the ability to hover for a limited amount of time. This it useful for getting across some seemingly impossible gaps.

Bubble Blast

The third is the bubble blast. After recieving magic power from the
Bubble blast.jpg
Great Fairy in North Clock Town, the player can hold the B button, which puts you in first person mode, and see a bubble expanding.

Bubble attack.jpg
This can be used to hit close range items and enemies, but since it moves slowly, it is not a very reliable attack.

Water Hop

Water hop.jpg
Because of his light body, Deku Link can take up to five hope on the surface of deep water, walking in it when it is shallow. This it a much quicker way of getting across water, especially when there are lilly pads present, which Deku link can stand on. This ability is extremly useful in the Southern Swamp where the water is poisonous. However, you can only have a maximum of 5 hops, and if the water is deep, you will sink to the bottom and return the where you were last at the waters edge.


Every for of Link in Majoras Mask has a different shield. Deku Links shield is a nut shell, which covers all of him. This is a useful shield as it protects him from above as well. Unfortunatly, it does not protect against any sort of fire attects as He is made from wood.


The instrument used by Deku Link is the Deku Pipes. They souind like a trumpet.

How it is Obtained

Like most of the other transforming masks, this one is obtained after playing the song of healing to heal someone, in this case yourself. After you get The Ocarina of Time back, the Happy Mask Salesman will teach you the Song of Healing. After the Demo, which shows Link waving to a group of Deku Scrubs, the mask will drop on the floor, and you will be able to keep it and freely transform into a Deku Scrub.

Relevant Quotes

Said by the Deku Butler after beating him i a race.

"Actually, when I see
you, I am reminded of
my son who left home
long ago...
Somehow, I feel as if I am once
again racing with my son..."

What the dog in Clock town is thinking.

Where'd that Deku Scrub go?
When I see his face, I get all
riled up!


Country Name
Japanese デクナッツの仮面 (DEKU NATTSU no Kamen)
English Deku Mask
French Masque Mojo
German Deku-Schale
Spanish Máscara Deku

Except for the German translation they are all the same. The German version calls this mask a Deku Shell. Note that the Japanese name for the mask uses the Japanese name for the Deku Scrub, "Deku Nuts." Perhaps a more faithful translation would have been "Deku Scrub Mask" rather than "Deku Mask."