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Armor Ring L-3

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Damage taken ↓↓↓ Sword damage ↓↓↓



It is Ring number #07 in Vasu’s list and it bears a blue dot in the middle. This dot is even bigger that the one on Armor Ring L-2. In the Oracle of Ages the Level 3 ring is your reward for making it through to the final room of the Hero’s Cave. The Hero’s Cave can only be entered in a Linked Game and will be located next to the Maku Path. Although unlikely this ring might be obtained via Gasha Nuts, but I’ve never seen that happen.

This ring can be useful if you have some serious damage problems, since it decreases damage by a set factor you are able to cancel out some of normal (and strong) attacks too, but remember that your sword will grow trice as weak as normal. An attack with the Master Sword will be about just as weak as the Wooden Sword. Again I would advice to use the Blue Ring, which can half all your damage and does not downgrade your power.

Relevant Quotes

It’s description in Vasu's List reads:

Damage Taken ↓↓↓
Sword Damage ↓↓↓


Country Name
Japanese まもりのゆびわL-3 (Mamori no Yubiwa L-3)
English Armor Ring L-3
French Ann. Armure N-3
German Rüst Ring L-3
Spanish Armadura N-3
Italian A. Armature N-3

The Japanese version calls this ring: "Defense Ring L-3", all other languages seem to have their roots with the English translation.

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