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Armor Ring L-1

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Damage taken ↓ Sword damage ↓



This is Ring #05 in Vasu’s list and it bears a blue jewel in the middle. This ring can be found in a chest at Moblin's Keep after destroying it in the present. Also this ring can be obtained from the nut of a Gasha Tree, but you need to be quite lucky to get it.

The Level 1 Armor Ring can be quite useful if you are in a dungeon or in places where you know that you’re going to take a lot of damage. However, the downside of this ring is that it also reduces your sword power a bit. Since it decreases damage by a set factor you are able to cancel out some of the weak attacks, of course against strong attacks the difference will be minimal so the Blue Ring would (in that case) be a better option.

Relevant Quotes

Its description in Vasu's List reads:

Damage Taken ↓ 
Sword Damage ↓


Country Name
Japanese まもりのゆびわL-1 (mamori no yubiwa L-1)
English Armor Ring L-1
French Ann. Armure N-1
German Rüst Ring L-1
Spanish Armadura N-1
Italian A. Armature N-1

The Japanese version calls this ring: "Defense Ring L-1", all other languages seem to have their roots with the English translation.

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