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Quick Information
Appearances: LoZ, OoS
Order: Dragon
Habitat: The first dungeon in both aforementioned games, and also in the 7th dungeon in Quest 1 for LoZ.
Attack Pattern: Aquamentus is one of the weakest bosses, he usually has an attack pattern in which he shoots three balls of fire towards you. As being the first boss this is more like a warm up for the others to come.
AquamentusArt LoZ.gif
Aquamentus LoZ.gif
Appearance: Legend of Zelda
Quick Facts: Like stated above, this is a relative simple boss to defeat.

Aquamentus OoS.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Seasons
Quick Facts: This enemy reacts exactly the same as the one in LoZ, it looks like the only difference is that his sprite is polished up.




Aquamentus looked like a big green dragon with a horn on his head or like a unicorn with green scales, it is just from which point of view you look at him. His attacks are pretty simple he walks a bit and shoots three beams at you, which will cause damage equal to half a heart.

Legend of Zelda

In this game Aquamentus was the boss of three dungeons, the “Level 1: Eagle Labyrinth” and “Level 7: Demon Labyrinth” dungeons of Quest 1 and also the “Level 1: E Labyrinth” dungeon for Quest 2.


The beams he emits can be blocked with the Magic Shield, if you have one in your possession. To defeat Aquamentus you could use either a few bombs, some arrows or 6 hits with the Level 1 Sword to take it down.

Oracle of Seasons

Again Aquamentus is the first boss of the game. You meet him after going through the Level 1: Gnarled Root Dungeon, this time you can only attack the horn with your Wooden Sword to inflict damage. His attack pattern is almost the same as in LoZ, he still uses the triple beam attack. Aquamentus also has a new charge attack he can perform by lowering his horn and running into you. Again after just a 5 charged up hits or ten regular ones Aquamentus is defeated and you will get a Heart Container plus the first Essence of Nature: Fertile Soil in return.

Miscellaneous Notes

Aquamentus looks like a greenish dragon with a Unicorn’s horn ontop. You could also say that it is a unicorn with scales. According to the manual of LoZ it is some sort of dragon that could be called a unicorn. In the Japanese Manual they say exactly the opposite thing, does that makes sense? In the seventh dungeon of the Second Quest he was replaced by a Four Headed Gleeok, probably because Aquamentus wasn’t good enough for a challenge anymore.

Relevant Quotes

Taken for LoZ’s Manual:

A type of dragon that some call a unicorn.
As well as having lots of attacking power, it's a fearful opponent.
It emits mean beams.”


Country Name
Japanese アクオメンタス (AKUOMENTASU)
English Aquamentus

Eventhough the translation in the eighties was poor, this is one of things that has kept its correct name!

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