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Apples fall from some trees if you charge into them, and give you some health back.



This is one of the very rare items you come across in Zelda: A Link to the Past. A lot of people finish the game without even knowing that these things exist at all. The only way to find one of these is running into trees with your Pegasus Boots, in some occasions like the lone tree visible on the screenshot drops some apples. These red apples fall from the tree in groups of four to seven or so pieces, they have the same effect as one would pick up a Recovery Heart.

In the GBA version of ALttP there is a special quest where Q. Bumpkin will ask you to bring several items with the Bug-Catching Net. The ninth riddle's solution is an apple.

Miscellaneous Notes

Sometimes an Apple restores more than one Heart Container, this might be because two apples are lying on the exact same spot. Or it could be that some apples just give you more energy than others.

Relevant Quotes

A Link to the Past (GBA only)

Q. Bumpkin's 9th riddle:

"It's shiny and sweet...what is it?"

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