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Quick Information

Appearance: OoT
Order: Mummy
Habitat: The Spirit Temple is the only place you will find these.
Quick Facts: Anubis doesn’t attack you he only counters you when you strike your sword in the surrounding area, he will then always retaliate with a fireball. Also Anubis is impervious to all attacks except fire.
Attack Pattern: Floats in the air and throws fireball.



The mummified creature called Anubis lives inside the Spirit Temple. It will start floating in the air if you get close to it. Anubis will mimic your movements and always makes eye contact with you. Whether you attack him or use your sword in that room, Anubis automatically retaliates by shooting a fire ball at you. These fireballs are generated from the black amulet that is on his chest. The only way you can get rid of it is trying to lure it into a place with fire, or by using either Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow. Once an Anubis is defeated it will never return.

Miscellaneous Notes

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the god of the dead. He looks like a man and has the face of a dog or jackal. See Wikipedia.

Relevant Quotes

OoT Navi’s Advice:

It’s vulnerable to fire!


Country Name
Japanese アヌビス (ANUBISU)
English Anubis
French Anubis
German Der Feuerfuchs Anubis


In German the Anubis is also called a Firefox (Feuerfuchs).

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