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Quick Information

Appearance: LA (DX)
Order: Floating Blob, Kirby
Habitat: Level 7: Eagle’s Tower
Quick Facts: An Anti-Kirby is immune to almost any attack, only bombs can destroy it.
Attack Pattern: Anti-Kirby does not aggressively attack you, but if you get too close the will try to inhale you. If they succeed Link will suffer some damage.



These creatures are only to be found in Eagle’s Tower dungeon. They don’t attack you aggressively, but will try to inhale you when you get too close. Anti-Kirbies are no real treat, but if you want to destroy them that desperately throw a bomb in their mouth when they inhale. The explosion should take them out very quickly. For the rest these beings cannot be damaged by the sword or any other weapon.

Miscellaneous Notes

This creature looks an awful lot like Kirby from Kirby’s Dream Land. They also share the same inhaling abilities, perhaps Nintendo wanted to include a character of HAL laboratories into their games.


Country Name
Japanese カービィ (KÂBII)
English Anti-Kirby

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