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Angular Isles

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Strange pair of islands at E7 made up of cubes. The larger island has a piece of heart, the other has a secret cave.



These two square islands look like they are made by man or some civilization; at least they can impossible be created by nature. The bigger island has a chest with a Piece of Heart at the top. The other island can be reached from here with the Deku Leaf or later on you can use the Hookshot on the tree. There is a hole in the ground here which leads to a secret cavern, inside you will have deflect the light with your Mirror Shield on top of the pile of blocks to create a chest on one of the ledges. Inside this chest is a silver rupee worth 200 rupees.

Miscellaneous Notes

According to the description of the Great Fairies in NPG these fairies were born on these islands, the Fairy Queen however was born on a different Island. Further details about this birth are unknown. Also the people of Salvage Corp. where born on these islands, again further information is not known.

Relevant Quotes

Fishman near Angular Isles information:

Northeast of here is the Forest Haven...
They say a truly unique kind of firefly
is indigenous to that place.
You heard of it, small fry?
It emits bursts of light in seven colors! Supposedly it's as beautiful as the rainbow!
If you want to capture one though, you'd best have a bottle to keep it in.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Angular Isles
French Ilots Kif Kif
German Treppstieg-Insel
Spanish Islas Cuadri
Italian Isola Cube

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