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Ancient Wood

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The second Essence of Time, shaped like a tree. It is located within Level 2, the Wing Dungeon and is guarded by the Head Thwomp.



After finishing the Level 2: Wing Dungeon by beating the Head Thwomp, you will obtain the second Essence of Time. As the dungeon is located in the woods it makes sense that this is called: "Ancient Wood".

Relevant Quotes

Upon obtaining the second essence:

You got the
Ancient Wood, an
Essence of Time!
It whispers only
truth to closed
ears from out of
the stillness.

Menu description:

Ancient Wood
It speaks only
truth to closed


Country Name
Japanese もりのきおく (Mori no Kioku)
English Ancient Wood
French Bois Ancien
German Holz der Antike
Spanish Bosque Antiguo
Italian Bosco Antico

The German translation means Wood as in a material not forest. “Wald der Antike” would have been more appropriate. The original Japanese version calls this essence: "Forest of Memory".

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