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Ambi's Palace

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The Palace where Queen Ambi resides. It can be found north of Lynna Village, in the past. Its ruins are still around in the present.



This Palace can be found in the past of Oracle of Ages, just to the north of Lynna Village. As the name suggests it belongs to Queen Ambi and it is also her home. It has quite a huge garden with a Scent Tree in the west wing. Soldiers are everywhere to be found around here and they will kick Link outside if one of them makes eye contact with him. The place is so heavily guarded that Link will have to activate four switches to open up a back door in order to enter the palace.

Inside there are two floors. The ground floor has a chest containing a ring in the right wing. The first floor has some fairies and this is also the place where you will have to fight Veran for the first time.

After Veran is defeated the palace will be open for Link and the soldiers won’t bother him anymore.

Ambis Palace.png

Miscellaneous Notes

A small fact is that Ambi’s Palace must have been demolished between the Past and Present since a hundred years later the Nuun Highlands are on the same spot.

Relevant Quotes

Queen Ambi about her home after giving her Mystery Seeds:

My palace is
very large--you
will not be able
to find the way
out alone.

Ambi after you are locked inside the Black Tower:

You are safe!
I just called my
knights from the
palace to help
since you were
locked inside
the tower...

Ralph about the palace's hidden entrance:

But it's no good
entering from
the front door.
I know! There
should be a
hidden entrance
in the palace
garden! I'll
sneak in through


Country Name
Japanese アンビのきゅうでん (ANBI no Kyūden)
English Ambi’s Palace
French Palais d’Ambi
German Ambis Palast
Spanish Palacio de Ambi
Italian Palazzo di Ambi

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