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A wise man who is hiding in a cave in the Desert of Mystery.



This old man lives inside a cavern in the north-east corner of the Desert of Mystery. He knows about a prophecy of the Book of Mudora, and actually hints you where to find it. That is actually his entire role in A Link to the Past.

Miscellaneous Notes

You can bomb the south wall of his room, behind it you can find a treasure chest containing a Piece of Heart.

How can a man spend his entire living in a dark cave without food? Some may ask, but no one can answer.

Relevant Quotes

On your first meeting he’ll say:

I am Aginah. I sense something
is happening in the Golden Land
the seven wise men sealed...
This must be an omen of the Great Cataclysm foretold by the people of Hylian blood...
... ... ... The prophecy says, "The Hero will stand in the desert holding
the Book Of Mudora." If you have the Book Of Mudora you can read the language of
the Hylia People. It should be in the house of books in the village...
You must get it! If you are the person who will be The Hero...

After retrieving the Book of Mudora:

Aha! It is the Book Of Mudora.
With it, you can read the
language of the Hylia people.

After finishing the second dungeon:

Your trial in the desert has
made you stronger. The blood
of the Hero must be in your

Talk to him when you have all three pendants, but before you get the Master Sword:

You have collected the three
If you are indeed the Hero who
has Wisdom, Courage and Power, the Master Sword sleeping in the forest will be yours.


Country Name
Japanese アジナー (AJINÂ)
Other Aginah


The Japanese version アジナー transliterates to "AJINÂ." The "j" is soft, unlike the implied hard "g" in "Aginah." In all other languages he is always called Aginah. At least in the GBA version of the game.

Japanese name information obtained from the Quote FAQ written by: KWhazit and davogones.