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Age of Shadow

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Veran hopes to create her age of shadow by spreading her influence throughout the past.


The Age of Shadow[s] (also known as the Age of Darkness) will cover the land of Labrynna in sorrow and complete darkness. Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, tries to get Labrynna in this state by going back into the past using Nayru's powers. In the past, she misuses Queen Ambi to finish the Black Tower for her own purposes. Finishing the tower will allow Veran to reach out for the heavens, and by doing so Veran can obtain the powers of darkness. When this happens, the land will be filled with sorrow in the past, which means the present will be infected as well.

Veran almost succeeds in doing so, but just in the nick of time Link is able to stop her evil ambitions once and for all. By defeating the Sorceress of Shadows he puts a halt to the Age of Shadow and makes sure it will never exist.

At the end of game it is revealed that creating the Age of Shadow was not Veran’s main objective. Even though Link took her down once and for all, she did succeed in igniting the Flame of Sorrow. This was one of the three flames needed to start the “Dark Rites” ritual to revive the evil king Ganon.

Relevant Qoutes

Veran, taking over Nayru's body (from the game):

 "Now the oracle's
  powers are mine.
  I can travel
  through time as
  I choose!
  Now a new age
  shall begin..."

Veran, taking over Nayru's body (from the manual):

 "Now the power of the Oracle of Ages is mine!
 I can travel through time at will!
 Now a new age shall begin--an age of shadows!"

Upon meeting the Maku Tree for the first time:

 “Pleased to meet
  you, young hero.
  I am the Maku
  Tree, guardian
  of Labrynna.
  Veran, Sorceress
  of Shadows, has
  taken Nayru, the
  Oracle of Ages.
  She's disrupting
  the flow of time
  from the past.
  She's trying to
  flood this world
  with the power
  of sorrow. We
  cannot give in
  to one of impure
  heart. You must
  stop Veran--and
  soon--but to
  stop her, you'll
  need some-

The Maku Tree after restoring her in the past:

 “Maybe Veran is
  using Queen Ambi
  to raise the
  tower to the
  heavens. If one
  of impure heart
  gains the powers
  of shadow...
  this world will
  be covered in
  That's what this
  is about...
  To know the past
  is to know the
  present. Veran
  can do as she
  pleases if she
  finds dark power
  in the past. All
  will go dark!
  Link! You must
  stop Veran and
  save Nayru!”

Nayru, after you save her:

 "But Link,
  Veran's still in
  the past, right?
  If she is, then
  can't she still
  create an age of
  darkness that
  would continue
  to the present?"

Veran when the Black Tower is almost completed:

 “Heh heh heh heh!
  We are closer
  to the Age of
  Shadow! But it's
  still premature.
  The true shadow
  will fall when
  the Black Tower
  reaches the
  heavens and I
  climb to its
  highest turret!
  Then it will
  Heh heh heh...
  Hah hah hah hah!”

Veran, gaining the powers of darkness:

 "Ah hah hah hah!
  The Black Tower
  is finally
  complete! Powers
  of darkness,
  come to me!
  Ahh! The powers
  of darkness flow
  through me! The
  powers swell!
  Hah! Even
  without the
  powers of
  young Nayru,
  I can stop time!
  Now true
  darkness comes!
  The sorrow of
  people shall be
  delivered to me,
  lighting my
  Flame of Sorrow!
  Ah hah hah hah!"

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