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Quick Information

Acro-Bandits TMC.gif
Appearance: The Minish Cap
Order: Mole(?)
Habitat: Overworld
Quick Facts: Acro-Bandits always appear as a group of five.
Attack Pattern: One Bandit is on guard and if Link get too close he call his friends, they stack up and try to attack Link. This however doesn't work out very well in practice, because if the lowest Bandit is destroyed the stack falls apart causing havoc to the Acro-Bandits.



The group of Acro-bandits usually live underground, while one is on guard popping his head out of the surface. If Link gets nearby the entire stack pops up and tries to attack Link. If you hit the lower one all other bandits fall apart causing them to fall helplessly on their back. While they stay in this position Link can easily dispose of these goons with his sword, if you wait too long they get back on their feet and try to crawl back into the earth again. Most of these guys can be found on the Eastern Hills next to Hyrule Castle.

Miscellaneous Notes

What kind of creatures the acro-bandits exactly are is unknown, if you look at their habitat and appearance they resemble a mole like creature. Although they don't look like that at all. Perhaps their name is derived from acrobats, because can stack themselves 5 persons tall.

Relevant Quotes

Figurine Description:

Appears in the Eastern Hills, etc. Five of them pop out at once. If you smack each one as they pop out of the ground, they're a piece of cake.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Acro-Bandits
French Taupes Acrobates
German Akrobaditen
Spanish Pols
Italian Pols


The Spanish and Italian version rather call these guys Pols, although I don't see any connection with Pols Voice.

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