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This is ring number #57 in Vasu’s list and it bears a blue seal or stamp. Its description reads: “100 Rings appraised.” Vasu gives you this ring after you have appraised 100 rings in total, which also makes him happy doing business with you. This ring is only needed if you want to make your ring collection complete, since it has no use otherwise.


Country Name
Japanese かんてい100ゆびわ ('KANTEI 100 YUBIWA')
English 100th Ring
French Ann. 100ème
German 100er-ring
Italian Anello 100
Spanish Anillo 100


The Japanese call it "100 Appraisal Ring", and for the others we can say that with a little imagination you can figure that all translations are identical.

Relevant Quotes

Vasu the moment you appraised your 100th ring:

 You've had 100
 rings appraised!
 Vasu appreciates
 your business!


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