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What is the Zelda Legends Wiki?

This wiki is intended to be a complete and exhaustive guide to everything related to Zelda, including the fantasy world of Zelda, the Zelda games, the Zelda creators, and the Zelda fan community. Most people are familiar with Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. The beauty of Wikipedia is that anyone can add to it. The Zelda Legends Wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia (Media Wiki), and indeed aspires to the same level of completeness and accuracy. It is our hope that Media Wiki's power, and the familiarity of Wikipedia, will enable us to cater to the need for accurate and detailed information among Zelda fans.

What state is the Wiki in now?

At the current time, everything from the old Encyclopedia (now called the Lexicon) has been imported, including all the names, short descriptions, and articles. Eventually, each article will have a full description, all relevant multimedia and quotes, translation notes, apocrypha notes, and references to related articles.

How can I contribute?

First join Zelda Legends and then log into the Wiki with your Zelda Legends username and password. You can then start adding and editing articles immediately. Before jumping in, please familiarize yourself with article writing guidelines and Wiki syntax by viewing the source of existing articles and visiting the Help page.