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Finding Zelda Legends Wiki

As an avid fanfic writer (with no actual completed or released fanfics), I've worked on a number of Legend of Zelda fanfics. On a recent one, I wanted to Cremia and Romani (rather than Malon), but I've only played a tiny bit of Majora's Mask, and don't own the game, so I didn't know anything about them!

I wasn't about to let a little thing like not knowing about characters keep me from including them in a fanfic. But, this meant I had to learn about the characters first. While I was able to find the information I sought, I had hoped to find an extensive Legend of Zelda resource which I could used to check information on every Legend of Zelda character and location.

Unfortunately, I found absolutey nothing. Time passed by, on and on, world events happened and people aged and aged. By then, a good day had passed since my search began, and I came across Zelda Legends. I had seen the site before, but tend to avoid sites with links to sites which provide ROMs. (Yes, I'm a high and mighty smug elitist like that. I'm also a capitalist who hopes fans of Zelda will buy the games rather than just downloading them.)

There was another Legend of Zelda fansite with a wiki, and I was about to sign up there, but the wiki was poorly done in places, and would take a lot of work to bring it up in quality. So, I decided to check out the Zelda Legends wiki. And I liked it. Unfortunately, it's low on pages of information right now. But it's definitely pointing in the direction I'd hope for a Zelda wiki, and it's not bogged down with a lot of low quality stuff!

I also appear as a Wikipedia user.

Zelda timeline

  1. OoT -> MM -> TWW
  2. Imprisoning War -> ALttP -> LA
  3. LoZ -> AoL -> OoS/OoA

I consider there to be two Hyrules. The first is in the OoT line. The second is in the ALttP line and the AoL line (although these take place in different parts of Hyrule). Yes, this does cause trouble with ALttP's lore about Hyrule, but I don't plan to hurt my head thinking about it.

Other things to note as problems as that Link is unknown in the Oracles games, so my placement's gotta' be off there. OoT is surely meant to be the Imprisoning War, no doubt about that. LA could be after the Oracles, but Link doesn't have the ▲ on the back of his hand in LA (even though I thought he did, but can't find anything to support him having it.) Eh, not gonna' hurt my head over it =P [Also, the non-canon Nintendo of Japan web site shows a clip of Link defeating Ganon in ALttP alongside the backstory to LA. I don't base my timeline on this, but mention it as a support of intended placement.]

The Four Sword series I don't place specifically in this timeline, but agree with the ordering of:

  • TMC -> FS -> FSA


  1. Because Malon is one of my favorite characters, my first duty was to take her stub of an non-article and flesh it out to something long and informative.
  2. I also did a bit of preliminary filling-out for the Hyrule page. The focus here was to tell about Hyrule in each game, although it still lacks images of maps.
  3. FSA Sprites! Thanks to a growing repository of handwritten PHP scripts, I'm able to extract sprites [and other things] from FSA. But there're some issues with alpha transparency, and a few other kinks which make things more difficult than they should be... I'd like to thank all the little people, for without them...well, without them we wouldn't have the Four Sword. Or Vaati. And I'd like to thank yagcd for providing me with pre-written functions to convert into PHP =D