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Ambi is the benevolent queen of Labrynna in the past. During the first portion of the game, she is strongly influenced by Nayru, who is controlled by Veran. In the second half of the game, Ambi is directly under Veran's control.




Queen Ambi.gif
Queen Ambi wears a blue dress and a blue double-cone hat covered in a veil. She lives in the Palace in the past, which is situated to the north of Lynna Village.

Oracle of Ages

When Link goes to the past for the first time he is not very welcome at the entrance of the Palace. This is because Veran, in the form of Nayru, is telling her to stay away from Link. Taking Nayru's advice, Ambi unwittinginly carries out Veran's plans by throwing the old advisor Adlar out, telling the soldiers to keep everyone away from the palace, changing the building plans for Ambi’s Tower into the Black Tower and also using the Oracle of Ages' powers to stop the day-night cycle creating a neverending day.

Ambis Palace.png

After clearing the first dungeon you are sent out to search for a present the queen would like. After finding some Mystery Seeds she exchanges you bombs for some of them. These seeds seem to make Veran very anxious indeed.

Later on when Link exorcises Veran from Nayru’s body, Veran takes over Ambi’s body instead to make sure the Black Tower is finished. At the end of the game Ambi is released from Veran’s grip as well. After all of this, Queen Ambi leaves for Holodrum to find her long-lost lover.

Oracle of Seasons

Ambi will only appear in a linked game here. She is waiting for the Cap’n at the Coast of No Return. After Link helps to get the Pirates’ ship going, Queen Ambi comes face to face with the Cap’n. After a touching scene the captain leaves out for the sea, leaving Ambi behind on shore. From then on she is waiting near Syrup's Potion Shop in Sunken City.


Queen Ambi's love traveled out to sea, although when is unknown. She originally built the Ambi's Tower to guide him home safely, although these intentions were corrupted once Nayru (actually Veran) appeared. Her love is the Pirate Captain in Oracle of Seasons, as one of his crew members says that his is in love with a queen of a distant land.

Miscellaneous Notes

Queen Ambi is an ancester of Ralph, which is why Nayru is so upset when Ralph says that he will kill Queen Ambi. Ralph is Ambi's great, great, great, great, great, great grandson.

Relevant Quotes

Person building Ambi's Tower (past)

At first, this
tower was being
built to guide
Queen Ambi's
love safely back
from the sea.
But ever since
Nayru came, the
sun sits high in
the sky as if
time itself has
It's not like
Queen Ambi to
push us so hard.
In the village,
they've started
calling it the
Black Tower.

Random person:

Queen Ambi had a
seafaring man.
But he set sail
one day and
never came back.
She's building a
tall tower so
she can search
the lands for
any sign of his
It's called
Ambi's Tower.
It was a
touching tale...

Ralph after finally finding out he is Ambi's descendant:

And you, Queen
Ambi! Veran is
gone, so now
you can be my
great, great,
great, great,
great, great...
A queen! I'm
so proud!

Ambi waiting on the “Shore of No Return”:

As I stand here
watching the sea,
I recall him.
Yes, that seafaring
man. But a child
like you wouldn't
understand my

Just after the scene with Cap’n:

You need not explain
—I understand.
You are a seafaring
man and cannot live
your life on land...
So I shall be your
port of call,
waiting always for
your return!


Country Name
Japanese アンビ女王 ('Queen ANBI')
Others Ambi

The Japanese name is "Anbi" rather than "Ambi" because Japanese has no "m" sound.

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