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Darunia is the leader of the Goron tribe that lives in Goron City high on Death Mountain. Sworn Brother to the King of Hyrule, he rules with strength and compassion. He is a rumored to be a decendant of the Hero of the Gorons who defeated the dragon Volvagia in Goron mythology. Just before the start of the Imprisoning War he held the Spiritual Stone of Fire and was later revealed to be one of the seven Sages who helped seal Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm. In later times, he became legend and a town was named after him.

Link came to see Darunia in his search for the three Spiritual Stones. At this time, the Gorons of Death Mountain were in a state of famine due to Ganondorf's mischief. A host of Dodongos had infested the Dodongo's Cavern which made it difficult for the Gorons to harvest their crop of rocks for food. To make matters worse, there was a massive boulder blocking the entrance to the cave. Ganondorf told Darunia that he'd remove it if Darunia would hand over the Spiritual Stone.


Darunia, of course, refused and waited for help from the King. He was expecting someone from the Royal Family when Link finally arrived. Irate, the mighty Goron shouted at Link to leave. Link, however, was persistant and succeeded in cheering Darunia up by playing a song for him on the Fairy's Ocarina. The Spiritual Stone of Fire, Darunia explained, was also known as the Goron's Ruby, and was their race's hidden treasure. He agreed to give up the Spiritual Stone if Link could prove himself by alleviating the Dodongo problem.

Link did indeed toil through the dungeon, and defeated King Dodongo. With the rock harvest safe, and the Dodongo's Cavern cleared of danger, Darunia kept his word and entrusted Link with the Spiritual Stone of Fire. They became Sworn Brothers that day.

Not much is known of Darunia's history from that point on until about seven years later during the time of Ganondorf's reign. During the seven years while Link slept, Darunia had a son. He named his son after his sworn brother, Link. After Ganondorf became the King of Evil, the skies over Death Mountain turned crimson and it was a dark time for all of Hyrule. Ganondorf revived Volvagia, a fire dragon who lived in Death Mountain. The Gorons were rounded up by Ganondorf's forces and were sent to the Fire Temple to be eaten by the dragon. This was meant as a deterrant to those who would stand in Ganondorf's way.

Darunia went to the Fire Temple to look for the mythological hammer with which he could defeat Volvagia and save the Gorons in the temple. While inside, he again met up with Link, and they were successful in bringing down the dragon and freeing the trapped Gorons. After the battle with Volvagia, Link was transported to the Chamber of Sages in the Sacred Realm where Darunia revealed that he was the Sage of Fire. He gave Link the Fire Medallion to help in the struggle against Ganondorf.

Relevant Quotes

  • "Ancient creatures have infested the Dodongo's Cavern!"
  • "I'm the big boss of the Gorons!"
  • "All this trouble must have been caused by that Gerudo thief, Ganondorf!"
  • "Well, this must be what they call destiny."
  • "Now you and I are true brothers!"

Miscellaneous Notes

AoL Town Connection

Darunia is also the name of a town in AoL. In fact, most of the sages in OoT were named after a town in AoL. (Or, from an in-game historical perspective, most of the towns in AoL were named after the sages who sealed Ganon.)

Stained Glass

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