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Man living on Windfall Island who enjoys walking. Link sets him up with his dream girl, Linda.



This young man who resides on Windfall Island is wearing a green vest, blue pants and has brown hair, he is very occupied with walking the entire day along the island. If you talk to him he will tell you about the best spots on the island. Other than that he doesn't seem to have any role in the game.

Later on when you are trying to get the Deluxe Pictobox, you will have fulfill three missions for Lenzo. For the last one you have to take a picture of two people who have feelings for each other. This turns out to be that Linda and Anton both like each other, but don't really show it.

You have to take a picture of them, when Anton walks up to Linda, briefly stops and looks in the eyes of her. Then after you get the Deluxe Pictobox you can show Anton a picture of Linda, after this he decided to ask her out the coffee bar near Zunari's Stall. The next day you can find Linda and Anton in the bar. After you get a Piece of Heart for bringing them together. From now on they will be standing near Ms. Marie's School.


Although he may not look like it Anton favorite sport is Kickboxing, therefore he walks around the island every day to keep his legs in good shape, for walking is an excellent conditioning exercise.

Relevant Quotes

Nintendo Power Gallery – Anton’s Description:

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Activity: Kickboxing
The reason his second-favorite hobby is taking walks is because it keeps his legs in shape. He's had his eye on a certain young lady lately.


Country Name
Japanese アントン "ANTON"
English Anton
French Anton
German Anton
Spanish Antón
Italian Anton


All translations are equal; the Spanish need an extra accent to keep the pronunciation of the name the same.

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