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Tan blonde pirate girl, successor to her mother's gang of pirates. Link rescues her from the Helmaroc King, and in return her pirates help him twice. Tetra is revealed out to be a Princess Zelda in the line of the ancient Hyrulian Royal Family when King Hyrule gives her the rest of the Triforce of Wisdom. She and Link embark to find a new land when ancient Hyrule is flooded.


Tetra is the Captain of the Pirates. She may seem bossy, cruel, heartless at time, but she is actually quite kind. Tetra was orphaned at a young age. She took over the pirate ship her deceased mother left behind. She also took in her mother's gang of lovable swabbies. Tetra and her crew are in search of treasure beneath the sea. Link encounters the pirates constantly throughout his adventures. Her pirate possy consists of Mako, Niko, Zuko, Nudge, Gonzo, and Senza.

Link first encounters Tetra on the day of his birthday. After receiving his sister's telescope as a "temporary gift", their pirate ship coasts up to Outset Island, firing barrages of cannon balls at the Helmaroc King, who has Tetra clasped in his claws. After a direct hit from a cannon ball, the Helmaroc King is stripped of it's cargo and Tetra plummets into the forest at the top of Outset.

After a speedy rescue by Link, Tetra is reunited with her pirate associate Gonzo, and the three return outside, only to witness the Helmaroc King capture Aryll. Due to some smooth talking by Quill, the postman, Tetra offers to give Link a ride to Forsaken Fortress, the island where Aryll is being held. She launches Link into the fortress (inside a barrel). Lucky for him, she has equipped him with the Pirate's Charm, a means which she can use to see Link and for him to hear her. Tetra and her pirates leave Forsaken Fortress and, although unknown to Link, they try to collect the pearls before he does. They visit Greatfish Isle, in search of Jabun and after they discover he is on Outset, behind an "inpenetrable wall", they sail to Windfall to "purchase" some bombs.

Tetra's good nature is shown on Windfall, when she gives Link a head start on the quest for Nayru's Pearl. Later, she conveniently shows up at Forsaken Fortress, on Link's second attempt to save his sister. She tells Link that the Helmaroc King is being distracted by her ship, and that he would be captured or tossed away again if it wasn't for her. She takes two girls from Windfall, Mila and Maggie, to safety while Link is left to deal with the Helmaroc King.

When she sees Link is in trouble with Ganondorf, Tetra bounds through the window and attacks Ganondorf. He grabs her by the throat. Struggle as she may, she cannot get free. It is then that we discover the answer to the question that is Tetra. She possesses a large portion of the Triforce of Wisdom, and is the Princess Zelda of Hyrule. When it seems like Ganon has the Triforce of Wisdom in his grasp, Komali and Quill flit through the windows, saving the pirate and hero from almost certain death.

With Link, Tetra returns to Hyrule, and under the instruction of the King of Red Lions, they return to the room which housed the Master Sword. There, Tetra meets her father, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who reunites the peices of the Triforce of Wisdom, causing it to fuse together and for Tetra to change back into Zelda.

Fortunately, Tetra's personality still shines through, and Zelda actually has attitude. She helps Link in the final battle against Ganondorf, before Link returns to the surface with her. Together, Tetra and Link go out in search of a new land.

Whether she knew it or not, Tetra was being guided back to lower Hyrule. In her room on her boat, the room is decorated with three things. Maps of the three triangle islands, with a triforce connecting them, pictures from the Legend of the Hero, and a picture of her mother.


Country Name
Japanese テトラ "TETORA"
English Tetra
French Tetra
German Tetra
Spanish Tetra
Italian Dazel


Apart from the Italian translations they are all alike.


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