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This is specially to davogones (he is the webmaster isn't he?):

In the first days there have been problems with characters that have had different names through Zelda "history" (specially with those that didn't have a name in OoT and did in MM). Because of this, I think there should be adopted general lines about this. My proposal is: -For those characters that did have a different name in both OoT and MM (and also other names), they should be in different articles. (e. g. Malon (OoT) (MC?), Romani and Cremia (MM)). -For those that had an official name that doesn't look like a name (I think I'm not speaking very clearly) and that had a normal name in the following games, they should be together in an article called with the "normal name" (e. g. Anju, but with a redirect from Chicken Lady and Cucco Lady). -If they only have appeared in OoT and MM, the article should be called with both names. It doesn't matter whether they have an apparent name (e. g. Guru-Guru and Windmill music man) or not (e. g. Grog and Chicken Lady's brother)


Formatting of game names

On Wikipedia, game names are formatted as italics, such as "Cremia and Romani appear in Majora's Mask. They live at Romani Ranch." This makes it easier to distinguish non-linked game names (such as when a game's name is mentioned a few times in an area, in which is would be absured to link each and every instance). Or should the abbreviation be used, such as "Cremia and Romani appear in MM. They live at Romani Ranch."? --Lesoria 04:18, 28 January 2006 (EST)