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This is specially to davogones (he is the webmaster isn't he?):

In the first days there have been problems with characters that have had different names through Zelda "history" (specially with those that didn't have a name in OoT and did in MM). Because of this, I think there should be adopted general lines about this. My proposal is: -For those characters that did have a different name in both OoT and MM (and also other names), they should be in different articles. (e. g. Malon (OoT) (MC?), Romani and Cremia (MM)). -For those that had an official name that doesn't look like a name (I think I'm not speaking very clearly) and that had a normal name in the following games, they should be together in an article called with the "normal name" (e. g. Anju, but with a redirect from Chicken Lady and Cucco Lady). -If they only have appeared in OoT and MM, the article should be called with both names. It doesn't matter whether they have an apparent name (e. g. Guru-Guru and Windmill music man) or not (e. g. Grog and Chicken Lady's brother)