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Quick Information

Appearance: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask
Order: Undead / Skeleton
Habitat: Overworld / Graveyard
Quick Facts: Stalchild's are not frightening at all, in fact, the most scary part about them is their appearance. They are the infant and weaker versions of the Stalfos that appears in many games. In some Zelda games there is also a lone creature in the shape of a skull called Stal.
Attack Pattern: In OoT Stalchild appear in various sizes. They surface from the ground only in Hyrule Field at night, and try to hit Link by swinging their little arms around. Sometimes a decaptated Stallchild will still continue to attack.




The Stalchild is the remains of someone, they have a disproportionate head for their bodies, and they wear a small amount of brown clothing around their waist. The Stalchild's also look like they've suffered great pain, as their teeth still show where their gums used to be, and the colour of the red is that of the colour of blood.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time the Stalchild simply attack everyone out on Hyrule Field, but only at night in Young Link's time period. The only way to stop these creatures from attacking you is to use the Bunny Hood, as you are too cute to attack. Or you can just run away from these creatures for they are very slow and can never hope to keep up with you.

Majora's Mask

However, within Majora's Mask, all of the Stalchild's can be seen to have a hierarchy in which they must conform to. They are known to haunt the Graveyard in Ikana and scare Dampé. Owing to the fact that they are the cursed soldiers of Ikana it can be accepted that they were once alive and are now haunting the world in the search of their own peace. If Link wears the Captain's Hat they think he is Skull Keeta the commander. Thus the stalchildren will provide him with useful information and will in some cases also open up a grave for him, and they will even call Link their Captain or Sir.

In the Ocean Spider House there are 6 Stallchildren that will tell you the correct color combination so you can get to all the Spiders of the curse.


The Stalchild is an incredibly easy to defeat. All you simply need to do is attack them with any weapon. Two hits from the weakest sword, either the Kokiri Sword or the Hero's Sword will kill them. To add insult to injury, using the Deku Nuts will also stun them, and then you can kill them whilst they are immobile. However take note that decapitating a Stalchild will not stop it, for the headless body will still try to pursue you.

Misscellaneous Notes

Selfdestructing Stalchildren

If a Stalchild walks too deep into the water in Hyrule Field it will disintegrate right away, and usually leaving some rupees behind. from this we can assume that skeletons cannot swim.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Navi's Description:

Don't be afraid of the Stalchild!
Just attack it repeatedly!

Majora's Mask

Tatl's Description:

It's a Stalchild. They were the
cursed soldiers of the Kingdom of
Ikana...What are you gonna do?

After getting the Captain's Hat:

You got the Captain's Hat!
Wear it with (C).
The ghosts of a hundred soldiers swear allegiance to this symbol of authority.

A Stalchild in the Ocean Spider House, while wearing the Captain's Hat:

Ah! Captain, sir! It's been a long
time since we've seen you!
As you have ordered, sir, we are investigating the secrets of this place.
According to the information I have obtained, it seems color should be shot order!
Have I fulfilled my duties, sir? Yes No
(Answer Yes)
Ahh! Thank you, sir! I hope the information I have provided will be of assistance to you, sir. Now, as you ordered, sir, I will finish the last of my duties.

The leader Stalchild in Ikana Graveyard when wearing the Captain's Hat:

Aah! Captain, sir!!!
Excuse me, sir!
Everyone, give the captain your attention! We haven't seen you in some time, captain, sir!
As per your orders, sir, we've been guarding these graves closely.

Zelda.com's Description

Stalchidren are skeletal creatures who were never flesh and bone. They hunt their prey in large packs, and will only appear once the sun has set.


Country Name
Japanese スタルベビー "SUTARU BEBII"
English Stalchild
French Stalchild
German Knochengänger
Spanish Stalchild


The Japanese version is read as "Stalbaby".

The German version rather calls this creature a "Boneling", where the 'gänger' suffix could mean 'ling' or something else.

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