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Wall MasterWandering MerchantWarp Holes
WartWater BarrierWater Element
Water MedallionWater TektiteWater Temple
Water of LifeWaterfall at the ShrineWaterfall of Wishing
WeathercockWeird EggWest Clock Town
West LynnaWestern CoastWestern Fairy Island
Whimsical RingWhirling Blade TechniqueWhisp
Whisp RingWhistleWhite Boe
White BubbleWhite SwordWhite Wolfos
Wild PigWild TokayWild Tokay Museum
WilliWind's RequiemWind Element
Wind FishWind Fish's Egg
Wind God's AriaWind MarimbaWind Temple
Wind Tingle StatueWind WakerWindfall Island
WindmillWing Dungeon
Winter Forest
Witch's HutWizard
WizzrobeWolfosWooden Arrow
Wooden BirdWooden BoomerangWooden Shield
Wooden SwordWoodfallWoodfall Shortcut
Woodfall TempleWoods of MysteryWoods of Winter
X-Shaped JewelYarna DesertYellow Chuchu
Yoll GraveyardYoshi Doll
Zelda's LetterZelda's Lullaby
Zelda's RingZelda II: The Adventure of LinkZephos
ZoraZora's DomainZora's Engagement Ring
Zora's FlippersZora's FountainZora's Lake
Zora's RiverZora's SapphireZora's Waterfall
Zora CapeZora DungeonZora Eggs
Zora HallZora MaskZora Ring
Zora ScaleZora SeasZora Shop
Zora TunicZora VillageZubora

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