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Quadruplet's HouseQuadruplet Family
Quake MedallionQueen Fairy
Queen GohmaQuicksand RingQuill
Raft ShopRaftonRafton's House
RalphRamrockRang Ring L-1
Rang Ring L-2Rapids RideRat
RauruRauru (Sage)Rauru Town
RavenRazor SeedRazor Sword
ReDeadReal BombchuRebonack
Recovery HeartRed BubbleRed Candle
Red ChuchuRed Clothes
Red Holy RingRed IceRed Joy Ring
Red Luck RingRed MailRed Ore
Red PotionRed Ring
Red ShieldRed SnakeRed Tektite
Red TingReflect SpellRequiem of Spirit
Restoration WallRibbonRichard
Richard's VillaRichard (LA)Richard (OoT)
RickyRicky's FluteRicky's Gloves
Ring BoxRitoRiver Devil
River ZoraRiver of SandRoc's Cape
Roc's FeatherRoc's RingRock Breaker
Rock BrisketRock ChuchuRock Sirloin
Rock Spire IsleRod of SeasonsRoll Attack
Rolling BonesRolling RidgeRolling Ridge Base
Rolling SeaRomaniRomani's Mask
Romani RanchRoom KeyRoom of Rites
RopeRosaRosa Sisters
RoseRound JewelRown
Royal ChamberRoyal Family's TombRoyal Family (Hyrule)
Royal Family (Ikana)Royal TombRuined Keep
RupeeRupee Ring
Rupee WraithRusty BellRuto
Ruto, Town ofRuto (Zora)
SabooroSacred Forest MeadowSacred Realm
Sacred SoilSacred StonesSafety Patrol
SageSage's MedallionsSage of Fire
Sage of LightSage of ShadowSage of Spirit
Sage of WaterSage of the ForestSages' Seals
Sakon's HideoutSaleSale's House O' Bananas
Salvage CorpSalvatoreSam
Samasa DesertSanctuarySaria
Saria's HouseSaria's SongSaria, Town of
Saria (Kokiri)Savage Labyrinth
ScarecrowScarecrow's SongScent Seed
Scent SeedlingScent TreeSchule Donavitch
Sea FlowerSea HorseSea Lily Bell
Sea SnakeSea UkuleleSea Urchin
Sea of No ReturnSea of StormsSea of Trees
SeagullSeagull PenSeahat
SeahorseSeashell MansionSeason Spirits
Secret MedicineSecret SeashellSecret Shrine
Seed SatchelSeed ShooterSeed of Life
SenzaSerenade of WaterSeven-Star Isles
Seven SagesSeventh Sage
ShabomShadow BarrierShadow Folk
Shadow GelShadow HagShadow Medallion
Shadow TempleShark IslandSharp the Elder
SheikSheikahShell Blade
Shield SpellShigeru MiyamotoShikashi
Shiro (MM)Shiro (OoT)Shooting Gallery
Shop Guru StatueShovelShrine Maidens
Shrouded StalfosSickle Moon FlagSign-Loving Subrosian's Home
Sign RingSignpost MazeSilver Arrow
Silver GauntletsSilver Key
Silver ScaleSinking LureSirens' Musical Intruments
Six-Eye ReefSix SagesSkeleton Forest
Skeleton KnightSkettSkull Dungeon
Skull HammerSkull KeetaSkull Kid
Skull MaskSkull NecklaceSkull Woods
SkulltulaSkulltula TokenSkullwalltula
SlateSlayer's RingSleepless Waterfall
Sleepy ToadstoolSlimeSlime Eel
Slime EyeSlime KeySlime Keyhole
SlingshotSmall KeySmasher
Smithy's ShopSmogSnake's Remains
Snake LabyrinthSnap Dragon
SnapperSnowheadSnowhead Temple
Snowshoe RingSokraSolider
Sonata of AwakeningSong of Double TimeSong of Healing
Song of PassingSong of SoaringSong of Storms
Song of TimeSoothing RainSouth Clock Town
South LynnaSouth ShoreSouth of the Shrine
South of the VillageSouthern Fairy IslandSouthern Swamp
Southern Triangle IslandSparkSpecial Chart
Special Delivery to MamaSpectacle IslandSpell Spell
Spiders of the CurseSpikeSpike Thwomp
Spiked BeetleSpin AttackSpin Ring
Spin SwingSpiny BeetleSpiny Chuchu
Spirit's GraveSpirit Barrier
Spirit HouseSpirit MedallionSpirit Temple
Spirit of AutumnSpirit of SpringSpirit of Summer
Spirit of WinterSpiritual Stone of FireSpiritual Stone of Water
Spiritual Stone of the ForestSpiritual StonesSpoils Bag
Spooky MaskSpool SwampSpring Banana
Spring WaterSpring Water CaveSquare Jewel
Staff of ByrnaStaff of SomariaStal
StalchildStalfosStalfos Knight
StarStar-Shaped OreStar Belt Archipelago
Star IslandStationerySteadfast Ring
StickStingerStink Bag
Stock Pot InnStone Beak
Stone HinoxStone MaskStone Slab
Stone Slab FragmentStone StatueStone Tower
Stone Tower TempleStone Watcher IslandStone of Agony
Strange Brothers' HouseStrange FluteStray Fairy
SturgeonSubrosiaSubrosia Cemetery
Subrosia Dance HallSubrosia MarketSubrosia Seaside
Subrosia VillageSubrosianSubrosian Chef's Kitchen
Subrosian DanceSubrosian Hot SpringsSubrosian Ring
Subrosian SeasideSubrosian SmithySubrosian Volcanoes
Subrosian WildsSubterrorSue-Belle

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