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Power Ring L-2Power Ring L-3Power of Gold
Prelude of LightPrescriptionPrince Komali
Prince of DarknessPrincess Zelda
Princess Zelda in ALttPPrincess Zelda in AoLPrincess Zelda in FS
Princess Zelda in FSAPrincess Zelda in LoZPrincess Zelda in OoA and OoS
Princess Zelda in OoT and MMPrincess Zelda in TMCPrincess Zelda in TP
Princess Zelda in TWWPrincess of DestinyPrivate Oasis
Professor ShikashiProtection RingPseudo Rupee
Pumpkin HeadPuppet Ganon
Pyramid JewelPyramid of Power
Quadruplet's HouseQuadruplet FamilyQuake Medallion
Queen FairyQueen Gohma
Quicksand RingQuillQuiver
RaccoonRaftRaft Shop
RaftonRafton's HouseRalph
RamrockRang Ring L-1Rang Ring L-2
Rapids RideRatRauru
Rauru (Sage)Rauru TownRaven
Razor SeedRazor SwordReDead
Real BombchuRebonackRecovery Heart
Red BubbleRed Candle
Red ChuchuRed ClothesRed Holy Ring
Red IceRed Joy RingRed Luck Ring
Red MailRed OreRed Potion
Red RingRed Shield
Red SnakeRed TektiteRed Ting
Reflect SpellRequiem of SpiritRestoration Wall
RibbonRichardRichard's Villa
Richard (LA)Richard (OoT)Ricky
Ricky's FluteRicky's GlovesRing Box
RitoRiver DevilRiver Zora
River of SandRoc's CapeRoc's Feather
Roc's RingRock BreakerRock Brisket
Rock ChuchuRock SirloinRock Spire Isle
Rod of SeasonsRoll AttackRolling Bones
Rolling RidgeRolling Ridge BaseRolling Sea
RomaniRomani's MaskRomani Ranch
Room KeyRoom of RitesRope
RosaRosa SistersRose
Round JewelRownRoyal Chamber
Royal Family's TombRoyal Family (Hyrule)Royal Family (Ikana)
Royal TombRuined KeepRupee
Rupee RingRupee Wraith
Rusty BellRutoRuto, Town of
Ruto (Zora)Sabooro
Sacred Forest MeadowSacred RealmSacred Soil
Sacred StonesSafety PatrolSage
Sage's MedallionsSage of FireSage of Light
Sage of ShadowSage of SpiritSage of Water
Sage of the ForestSages' SealsSahasrahla
SailSakonSakon's Hideout
SaleSale's House O' BananasSalvage Corp
SalvatoreSamSamasa Desert
SanctuarySariaSaria's House
Saria's SongSaria, Town ofSaria (Kokiri)
Savage LabyrinthScarecrow
Scarecrow's SongScent SeedScent Seedling
Scent TreeSchule DonavitchSea Flower
Sea HorseSea Lily BellSea Snake
Sea UkuleleSea UrchinSea of No Return
Sea of StormsSea of TreesSeagull
Seagull PenSeahatSeahorse
Seashell MansionSeason SpiritsSecret Medicine
Secret SeashellSecret ShrineSeed Satchel
Seed ShooterSeed of LifeSenza
Serenade of WaterSeven-Star IslesSeven Sages
Seventh SageShabom
Shadow BarrierShadow FolkShadow Gel
Shadow HagShadow MedallionShadow Temple
Shark IslandSharp the ElderSheik
SheikahShell BladeShield Spell
Shigeru MiyamotoShikashiShiro (MM)
Shiro (OoT)Shooting GalleryShop Guru Statue
ShovelShrine MaidensShrouded Stalfos
Sickle Moon FlagSign-Loving Subrosian's HomeSign Ring
Signpost MazeSilver ArrowSilver Gauntlets
Silver KeySilver Scale
Sinking LureSirens' Musical IntrumentsSix-Eye Reef
Six SagesSkeleton ForestSkeleton Knight
SkettSkull DungeonSkull Hammer
Skull KeetaSkull KidSkull Mask
Skull NecklaceSkull Woods
Skulltula TokenSkullwalltulaSlate
Slayer's RingSleepless WaterfallSleepy Toadstool
SlimeSlime EelSlime Eye
Slime KeySlime KeyholeSlingshot
Small KeySmasherSmithy's Shop
SmogSnake's Remains
Snake LabyrinthSnap DragonSnapper
SnowheadSnowhead TempleSnowshoe Ring
SokraSoliderSonata of Awakening
Song of Double TimeSong of HealingSong of Passing
Song of SoaringSong of StormsSong of Time
Soothing RainSouth Clock TownSouth Lynna
South ShoreSouth of the ShrineSouth of the Village
Southern Fairy IslandSouthern SwampSouthern Triangle Island
SparkSpecial ChartSpecial Delivery to Mama
Spectacle IslandSpell SpellSpiders of the Curse
SpikeSpike ThwompSpiked Beetle
Spin AttackSpin RingSpin Swing
Spiny BeetleSpiny ChuchuSpirit's Grave
Spirit BarrierSpirit House
Spirit MedallionSpirit TempleSpirit of Autumn
Spirit of SpringSpirit of SummerSpirit of Winter
Spiritual Stone of FireSpiritual Stone of WaterSpiritual Stone of the Forest
Spiritual StonesSpoils BagSpooky Mask
Spool SwampSpring BananaSpring Water
Spring Water CaveSquare JewelStaff of Byrna
Staff of SomariaStalStalchild
StalfosStalfos KnightStar
Star-Shaped OreStar Belt ArchipelagoStar Island
StationerySteadfast RingStick
StingerStink BagStock Pot Inn
Stone BeakStone Hinox

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