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Queen Gohma

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Parasitic Armored Arachnid- Queen Gohma is the first boss in the Ocarina of Time. Lurking at the bottom of the Deku Tree's roots, she has some kind of gaurd arrangement with the Deku Scrubs outside, which entails them keeping the door locked until the scrubs are defeated in the right order: 231

Gohma drops from the ceiling to attack, at which point she is invulnerable. However, she is vulnerable when her eye turns red- once she has been shot in the eye with the slingshot, she will fall to the ground, and can then be hurt (about 10 sword swings will kill her). Deku Nuts are also good weapons to hit Gohma.

Queen Gohma uses different kinds of attacks, but often she will try to stab Link with her two large claws. She can also spawn Gohma Larvas to help her in battle.

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