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Ocarina of Time

The design for Zelda in OoT marks the first
ZeldaChildArt OoT.gif
appearance of what would become her common outfit, with later games depicting a Zelda wearing a similair outfit.

The blond-haired, blue-eyed Zelda design continues. As a child, she wears pink over a white dress over a blue, long-sleeved shirt. Rather than a tiara, Zelda wears a cloth hood, with a golden crest featuring a Triforce symbol. Her necklace is gold, but holds a red stone in the center. She also sports a gold belt, and golden bracelets.

As an adult, Zelda wears a golden tiara with a red stone. Her dress is similar in colors, with more blue in place of pink. She wears Triforce-shaped earrings.

Both as a child and an adult, Zelda's outfit bears the mark of the Triforce and the Hylia Mark.

Zelda adult oot.jpg
Psychologically, Zelda is possibly the most complex character of the series. She is really wise, even before she becomes the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. She is, however, quite imprudent, revealing herself as the Seventh Sage in a place where she can be captured (and in fact, is). From her dependance of her attendant Impa, she evolves to become a strong woman able to escape from Ganondorf for seven years, by disguising herself as a man. She becomes a warrior, someone able to fight and do her own heroic deeds. But then, she becomes as weak as she was when she was a child, dependant on the help of Link.

She is a strong leader. Even as a child, she's interested in matters of government. She does everything to protect the beautiful land of Hyrule. When she introduces herself, she emphasizes her right to the throne: she's not just Zelda, but Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule. She is also highly educated. She knows many (if not all) of the legends of Hyrule; she can write poetry; she can play two instruments, the ocarina and the harp. She is a master of human feelings.

Strong, but weak; wise, but imprudent; sensible, but naïve... Zelda in OoT is a world of contradictions.

Majora's Mask

The Zelda of MM is the same as the one of OoT. Her appearance is, because of this, the same as the child Zelda from OoT. The only difference is that she appears just in black and white.


Ocarina of Time

The Princess of Destiny

Zelda is the beloved only daughter of the (possibly) widow King of Hyrule. As the true heir to the throne she's been instructed in all the legends of Hyrule, legends she know perfectly. She is entrusted with one of the four keys to the Sacred Realm, The Ocarina of Time. Since her birth, she has been protected by her muscular attendant, Impa the Sheikah. One of her functions was to play the ancient and mysterious melody passed down the Royal Family as a lullaby for the princess. Maybe because of this, she started to have prophetic dreams that were never wrong. The divination powers of the princess were quickly spread in all Hyrule Castle Town.

With one of her prophetic dreams began the disgrace that would befall Hyrule. In her words:

I had a dream... In the dream, dark storm clouds  
were billowing over the land of Hyrule...
But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the 
forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground...
The light turned into a figure holding a green and 
shining stone, followed by a fairy...
ZeldaChild OoT.png
In her dream she also saw Impa, who had the role of teaching the melody she had used as Zelda's Lullaby to the boy from the forest. She also was able to understand who the dark clouds represented in the dream, Ganondorf, the leader of the GerudosShe told the dream to her father, to whom Ganondorf has swore allegiance, but he didn't believe it was nothing more than a mere dream.

While Zelda is spying Ganondorf through a window, Link arrives to the Castle Courtyard looking for the Princess of Destiny. Zelda immediately recognizes him as the forest boy from her dream, and asks him whether he has the Spiritual Stone of Forest, the shining green stone of her dream. She tells her what she has dreamed and her suspects about Ganondorf. She plans how to protect the Sacred Realm from Ganondorf, so she commands Link to look for the other two Spiritual Stones while she protects the Ocarina of Time with all her power. By keeping away the four keys of the Door of Time from Ganondorf. That way he would never get the Triforce. She also gives him a letter to make him be able to go to those places that need royal permission. When Link gets the other two Spiritual Stones, the Goron's Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire, Ganondorf attacks the Hyrule Castle. Because of this, Zelda cannot wait for Link any more and has to flee with her attendant, Impa, to a place where Ganondorf can't reach them. As Link arrives to the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town, he sees Zelda and Impa riding in a white horse escaping from Ganondorf. Not being able to give Link the last key to the Door of Time, she throws the Ocarina of Time to the city moat. After Link meets Ganondorf, he dives into the water, taking the Ocarina of Time, and receiving a telepathical message from Zelda where she appears in front of the altar of the Temple of Time and teaches Link the Song of Time.

Impa and Zelda escaping from Ganondorf OoT MQ
Zelda teaching Link the Song of Time telepathically. OoT MQ

When Link pulls out the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time something that Zelda didn't predict. Zelda didn't think that there was a fifth key to the Sacred Realm, the Master Sword, and that Link was the legendary Hero of Time, the only one able to pull the sword from its pedestal. Because Link isn't old enough to be the Hero of Time, his spirit is sealed inside the Chamber of Sages, leaving the entrance to the Sacred Realm open to Ganondorf.


The Seventh Sage

It's unknown where Impa and Zelda go after they escape from Ganondorf. It's possible that they stay with an unknown Sheikah community, where she is trained in Sheikah magic and techniques. When Ganonodorf gets the Triforce, the ancient prophecy passed down the shadow folk comes true. Because of Ganondorf's heart being unbalanced, the Triforce turns into three pieces: Power, Wisdom and Courage. While the Triforce of Power remains with Ganondorf, the other two, the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage go to the chosen ones: Zelda and Link. Zelda thus becomes the Seventh Sage, who is destined to be the leader of all them. Using the power of her Triforce, Zelda adopts the disguise of a young Sheikah man, Sheik.

Although it's not known how much time Impa and Sheik stay in exile, presumably Impa went quite early to Kakariko Village, to protect it from Ganondorf. What Sheik does until Link wakes up, it's not known. It's possible that she swore allegiance to Ganondorf in order to be able to act with more freedom. She may have also collaborated with Impa at imprisoning the evil spirit of Bongo Bongo, but this is never mentioned.

After Link wakes up, Sheik appears as a kind of guide for the Hero of Time, It's she who writes the new inscription on the altar of the Temple of Time:

The Ocarina of Time opened the 
door. The Hero of Time, with the
Master Sword, descended here.

With her poetry and music, she teaches Link those things he couldn't learn when he was young. Her poems speak about feelings, young love, friendship... or tell the legends passed down the Sheikah folk, those about the Triforce, the Master Sword, the Sages, The Hero of Time and the temples.

ZeldaAdult OoT.png
While Link is in the Temples, Sheik does deeds that counterpart those of Ganondorf: she rescues Rutro from the ice, she takes care of Kakariko Village while Link goes to Shadow Temple... But her most important function is to teach Link the warp melodies of the temples.

The fact that Zelda is mentioned very few times before Sheik takes off her disguise helps to cover the secret. Zelda is only mentioned twice. The first time is when Link awakens Ruto as a Sage and she tells Link not to be discouraged, because she feels Zelda is alive. A more specific quote is that of Impa, after awakening as a Sage, where she tells Link that soon he would meet Zelda, and she would explain him everything.

It is curious to see that, of the Six Sages, only Ruto mentions Sheik, but it's known that at least Rauru and Impa know her. Of them, Ruto doesn't know who Sheik really is, only Impa seems to know something exact about her. There is only one in-game clue that suggests that Sheik is Zelda. It comes from a Gossip Stone and says that Princess Zelda, contrary to her elegant image, is a tomboy!

After Link awakens all the Sages, Rauru contacts with Link telepathically, asking him to go to the Temple of Time, where someone's waiting for him. This person is Sheik. Sheik tells Link an unknown legend passed down the Sheikah folk. A legend about the true nature of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce. She explains Link what happened when Ganondorrf got the golden relic: it divides in its three parts, Power, Wisdom and Courage. While the force Ganondorf trusted more, the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Courage went to Link and the Triforce of Wisdom went to the Seventh Sage. Then Sheik makes her second and almost fatal mistake: using the Triforce of Wisdom she takes her disguise off, revealing herself to be the Seventh Sage Zelda. Then, she tells Link her plan to defeat Ganondorf. It's quite simple, Link would protect Zelda while she gathers the power of the Six Sages to seal Ganondorf in the void of the Evil Realm. For this purpose she gives Link a new weapon, one that can penetrate Ganondorf defenses, the sacred Arrow of Light.

LightArrowGet OoT.jpg

Then the temple starts to tremble. It's Ganondorf, who has heard all the conversation between Zelda and Link, so he knows who the holders of the Triforce are. He imprisons Zelda in a pink crystal and tells him to go to his castle to rescue her.

Now Link's mission is to rescue the princess and that's what the Sages tell him to do. Once Ganondorf, Zelda and Link meet in the same room, the Triforce in their hands' backs shine, starting to recombine. After Link defeats Ganondorf, Zelda's imprisonment disappears, releasing her. She, after explaining Link why Ganondorf has died, she notices that he's trying to crash them inside the tower. Then she guides Link to escape from there, opening with her magic all the locked doors. Once they are out of the castle, they see how it is destroyed. But they hear a noise. It's Ganondorf, who still has enough power to use the Triforce and transform into a giant pig-like creature Ganon. After a long battle, Zelda uses her magic against Ganon, holding him while Link finishes the evil incarnation with his now shining Master Sword. Then Zelda creates a yellow energy ball, that is used as a portal for the Six Sages power, sealing him inside the Evil Realm.

In the next scene Link and Zelda appear over the clouds. She apologizes to him and explains how all was a fatal coincidence, how all the disgrace was her fault. Then she asks Link for his Ocarina. For she, as one of the Seven Sages, can return him to his original time by using the Ocarina of Time. He gives her really slowly the Ocarina, after holding hands, and then she plays Zelda's Lullaby, making him return to the past. After the ending sequence it's seen how Link and young Zelda meet again.

Majora's Mask

The only appearance of Zelda in MM is during a short flashback after he recovers The Ocarina of Time. She teaches Link the Song of Time. Zelda is the only person Link remembers from Hyrule and her name is asocciated with the treasure she gave Link, the Ocarina of Time. In the flashback Link remembers how (presumably) since he defeats Ganondorf at the end of OoT he has lived with Zelda, almost certainly in Hyrule Castle. But Link has to leave her, in order to find a friend long time gone. She lets him go, giving him the Ocarina of Time, and saying she would pray for him. In MM she's Link's only link to the person he was before.

Miscellaneous Notes

Does she dye her hair?

Zelda eyebrows child.jpg
Zelda eyebrows.jpg

In OoT there's a curiosity about her sprite, for both child and adult. Their eyebrows are green! Maybe she forgot to dye her eyebrows... This is not shown in her official artwork, so maybe it's just a mistake of the game designers .

The healthy and rich princess

In OoT, when Link and Zelda are escaping from Ganon's Tower she is once imprisoned by a circle of fire that doesn't disappear until Link defeats the two Stalfos that appear then. After that, Zelda gives Link three hearts to heal him. If he has already alll the hearts full, she throws three Rupees.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

  • Great Deku Tree, after you destroy the curse:
Go now to Hyrule Castle...
There, thou will surely meet the Princess of  
Take this stone with you.
The stone that man wanted so much, that he cast 
the curse on me...
  • People in Hyrule Castle Town:
Hey, have you heard that Princess Zelda sees  
prophetic visions in her dreams?
Wha-ha-ha! What a crazy guy!
Can you believe that this guy was crazy enough to 
try to sneak into the castle to see Princess Zelda?
All because of this idiot, they've tightened 
security at the castle.
I wanted to see Princess Zelda!
I avoided the guards...
Swam through the moat...
I was almost there when they caught me!
I found a small drain hole on the right side of 
the castle that I thought I could sneak into, but 
I got stuck there.
  • Dancing (male) lover:
You are...
more beautiful...
than Princess Zelda...
  • Soldier in front of Hyrule Castle's fence:
So you say you want to see Princess Zelda, eh?
You probably heard about her in town and decided 
you had to meet her... Well...
Go home! Get out of here!
The Princess would never grant an audience to the 
likes of you!
  • Zelda, when you meet her for first time:
Who are you?
How did you get past the guards?
Oh? What's that?
Is that...
a fairy?!
Then, are you...
Are you from the forest?
Then...then...you wouldn't happen to have... the  
Spiritual Stone of the Forest, would you?! That  
green and shining stone...
Do you have it?
I had a dream... In the dream, dark storm clouds 
were billowing over the land of Hyrule...
But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the 
forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground...
The light turned into a figure holding a green and 
shining stone, followed by a fairy...
I know this is a prophecy that someone would come 
from the forest...
Yes, I thought you might be the one...
Oh, I'm sorry!
I got carried away with my story and didn't even 
properly introduce myself!
I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.
I forgot to tell you...
I was spying through this window just now...
The other element from my dream...the dark 
I believe they symbolize...
that man in there!
Will you look through the window at him?
Can you see the man with the evil eyes?
That is Ganondorf, the leader of the Gerudos. They 
hail from the desert far to the west.
Though he swears allegiance to my father, I am 
sure he is not sincere.
The dark clouds that covered Hyrule in my dream...
They must symbolize that man!
I...I am afraid...
I have a feeling that man is going to destroy 
He has such terrifying power!
But it's fortunate that you have come...
We must not let Ganondorf get the Triforce!
I will protect the Ocarina of Time with all my 
He shall not have it!
You go find the other two Spiritual Stones!
Let's get the Triforce before Ganondorf does, and 
then defeat him!
  • Impa, the first time you meet her:
I am Impa of the Sheikahs.
I am responsible for protecting Princess Zelda.  
Everything is exactly as the Princess foretold.
You are a courageous boy...
You are heading out on a big, new adventure, 
aren't you?
My role in the Princess's dream was to teach a 
melody to the one from the forest.
This is an ancient melody passed down by the Royal 
I have played this song for Princess Zelda as a 
lullaby ever since she was a baby...
  • Soldier guarding the entrance to Death Mountain:
Oh, this is...
This is surely Princess Zelda's handwriting! Well, 
let's see...
Hmmm... OK...
"This is Link...
He is under my orders to save Hyrule."
Wah ha ha ha hah!
What kind of funny game has our Princess come up 
with now?!
OK, OK, all right. You can go now... Just be 
careful, Mr. Hero!
  • Ganondorf, after losing Impa and Zelda:
Arrrrgh! I lost her!
  • Zelda, while communicating telepathically with you with the Ocarina of Time:
Link...Can you hear me?
It's me, Zelda...
Link, when you hold this Ocarina in your hand...
I won't be around anymore...
I wanted to wait for you, but I couldn't delay any 
At least I could leave you the Ocarina and this 
This song opens the Door of Time...
Now, Link.
Play this melody in front of the altar in the 
Temple of Time.
You must protect the Triforce!
  • Gossip Stone near Hyrule Castle:
They say that, contrary to her elegant image, 
Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle is, in fact, a 
  • Ruto, after awakening as a Sage:
And you... You're searching for the princess, 
You can't hide anything from me!
Princess Zelda... She's alive. I can sense it...so 
don't be discouraged.
  • Impa, after awakening as a Sage:
The boy with the noble Zelda's Ocarina...As I 
expected, you have come.
I am Impa, one of the Sheikah. I am Princess 
Zelda's caretaker, and I am also the Sage who  
guards the Shadow Temple.
We Sheikah have served the royalty of Hyrule from 
generation to generation as attendants. However...
On that day seven years ago, Ganondorf suddenly 
attacked... and Hyrule Castle surrendered after a 
short time.
Ganondorf's target was one of the keys to the 
Sacred Realm...the hidden treasure of the Royal 
Family... The Ocarina of Time!
My duty bound me to take Zelda out of Ganondorf's 
reach. When last I saw you, as we made our escape  
from the castle, you were just a lad...
Now I see that you have become a fine hero...
There's nothing to worry about...The Princess is 
safe now.
Soon, you'll meet Princess Zelda face-to-face, and 
she will explain everything...
That is when we, the six Wise Ones, will seal up 
the Evil King and return peace to Hyrule.
I have to stay here... You go to Princess Zelda's 
side and protect her on my behalf.
  • Rauru, after Link awakens all the Sages:
Link, the hero!
Finally, all of us, the six Sages, have been 
The time for the final showdown with the King of  
Evil has come!
Before that, though, you should meet the one who 
is waiting for you...
The one who is waiting for you at the Temple of 
  • Sheik/Zelda, in the Temple of Time:
And the other, who holds the Triforce of Wisdom...
is the seventh Sage, who is destined to be the 
leader of them all...
(Sheik reveals himself as Zelda)
It is I, the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.
I apologize for meeting you in disguise, but it 
was necessary to hide from the King of Evil.
Please forgive me...
On that day, seven years ago, Ganondorf attacked 
Hyrule Castle.
I saw you as I was escaping from the castle with 
my attendant, Impa.
I thought I should entrust the Ocarina to you... I 
thought that would be our best chance...
As long as you had the Ocarina in your possession, 
I thought Ganondorf could never enter the Sacred 
Realm, but...
something I could never expect happened...
After you opened the door of time, the Master 
Sword sealed you away in the Sacred Realm...
Your spirit remained in the Sacred Realm...and 
then the Triforce fell into Ganondorf's hands.
He went on to invade the Sacred Realm...
Ganondorf had become the Evil King, and the Sacred 
Realm became a world of evil. All of this is an  
unfortunate coincidence.
I passed myself off as a Sheikah and hoped that 
you would return. I waited for seven years...
And...now you are back. The dark age ruled by 
Ganondorf the Evil King will end!
The six Sages will open the sealed door and lure 
Ganondorf back into the Sacred Realm.
I will then seal the door to the Sacred Realm from 
this world.
Thus, Ganondorf the Evil King will vanish from  
In order to do this, I need your courage again.  
Please protect me while I do my part.
And here is a weapon that can penetrate the Evil  
King's defenses...
The power given to the chosen ones...
The sacred Arrow of Light!!!
  • Ganondorf, while kidnapping Zelda:
Princess Zelda...you foolish traitor!
I commend you for avoiding my pursuit for seven 
long years.
But you let your guard down...
I knew you would appear if I let this kid wander 
My only mistake was to slightly underestimate the 
power of this kid...
It was not the kid's power I misjudged, it was the 
power of the Triforce of Courage!
But, with the Triforce of Wisdom that Zelda has...
When I obtain these two Triforces...
Then, I will become the true ruler of the world!!
If you want to rescue Zelda, come to my castle!
  • Rauru, before creating the rainbow bridge:
Bring down the six barriers and save Princess 
  • Impa, while destroying the Shadow barrier:
The Shadow Barrier is dispelled!
Please save the Princess!
  • Zelda, after Ganon's Castle is destroyed:
It's over...it's finally over...
  • Zelda, while holding Ganon with his magic:
I'm using my power to hold the Evil King! You use 
your sword and deliver the final blow!
  • Zelda, over the clouds:
Thank you, Link...
Thanks to you, Ganondorf has been sealed inside 
the Evil Realm!
Thus, peace will once again reign in this 
world...for a time.
All the tragedy that has befallen Hyrule was my 
I was so young...I could not comprehend the 
consequences of trying to control the Sacred Realm.
I dragged you into it, too. Now it is time for me 
to make up for my mistakes...
You must lay the Master Sword to rest and close 
the Door of Time...
However, by doing this, the road between times 
will be closed...
Link, give the Ocarina to me...
As a Sage, I can return you to your original time 
with it.
When peace returns to Hyrule...
It will be time for us to say good-bye...
Now, go home, Link.
Regain your lost time!
where you are supposed to be...
the way you are supposed to be...
Thank you...

Majora's Mask

  • Message after Link gets the Ocarina of Time:
You got the Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda gave you this
precious instrument.
Set it to (C) and use (A) and the
four (C) Buttons to play it. Press
(B) to stop.
...Suddenly, memories of Princess
Zelda come rushing back to you...
  • Zelda, during the flashback:
You are already leaving this land
of Hyrule, aren't you?
Even though it was only a short
time, I feel like I've known you
I'll never forget the days we
spent together in Hyrule...
And I believe in my heart that a
day will come when I shall meet
you again...
Until that day comes, please...
Take this...
I am praying...
I am praying that your journey be
a safe one.
If something should happen to you, 
remember this song...
(she teaches Link the Song of Time)
The Goddess of Time is
protecting you.
If you play the Song of Time,
she will aid you...


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