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The sleeping princess of Hyrule. This red-headed Zelda rests eternally wearing a pink dress with white trim.


Zelda AoL.gifShe lived with her father, the king, and her brother, the prince.

Before the king died, he entrusted his daughter with information about the Triforce. After the king passed on, the prince and a wizard questioned Zelda on this information. Because Zelda would not reveal what the king had told her, the wizard cast a spell on her. Zelda would sleep eternally.

The prince placed his sleeping sister in a shrine. So no one would forget what happened, he ordered that every female child born to royalty in Hyrule would carry on the name "Zelda".

The princess featured in AoL is actually a different Zelda than the one seen in the NES prequel. AoL Zelda's story is told in the manual as "The Legend of Zelda", and Zelda in AoL is usually called the "Sleeping Zelda." As Impa explains, the legend took place centuries before AoL. Impa is the one who actually tells Link this legend because it is his destiny is to awaken this sleeping Zelda by obtaining the Triforce of Courage and reuniting it with the other two pieces.

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