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Princess Zelda in ALttP

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The first yellow-haired blond, blue-eyed Zelda introduced. Originally, Zelda wore a blue with white dress, with a black belt. She wears a thin tiara, Triforce-shaped earrings, and on her left wrist a bracelet.

In the ALttP port to GBA, Zelda design and outfit changed to better reflect the outfit worn by Zeldas in later games. She wears a pink and white dress with fancy markings. Her golden tiara is full and elegant, and she wears many golden accessories. Like Zelda from LoZ, she wears a red beaded necklace.


Zelda ALttP.gif ZeldaArt1 ALttP.jpg ZeldaArt2 ALttP.jpg

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There are actually two different pieces of Official Art for Zelda in this game. For it turns out to be that her Artwork was redone for the rerelease of ALttP for the GBA. As clearly visible this newer version looks much more similar to the Zelda of the other games.

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