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Quick Information
Appearances: ALL zelda games(!) up till now.
Order: Octopus
Habitat: Overworld, Dungeons
Attack Pattern: This varies a bit per game, but Octoroks are weak enemies that are encountered mostly on the overworld. Octoroks usually attack Link from a distance by shoots small rocks at him.
OctorokArt LoZ.gif
Octorok LoZ.gif
Appearance: Legend of Zelda
Quick Facts: They come in two variaties; Orange and Blue. The blue ones are a bit stronger, but other than that there isn't anything particular different between the two versions.
OctorokArt AoL.gif
Octorok AoL.gif
Appearance: Adventures of Link
Quick Facts:

Octorok ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past
Quick Facts: They appear in the eastern regions of Hyrule.

Octorok LA.gifOctorok DX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
Quick Facts: In this game there is also an winged variant as well, which is a bit harder to defeat.

Octorok OoTMM.png
Appearance: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask
Quick Facts: These Octoroks are different from the ones in the previous games, because they are stationary enemies that only shoot at you, when you are enough far away. Reflecting the projectile back with the Deku Shield or the Hylian Shield will kill the Octorok in one go. Oddly enough the Mirror Shield cannot reflect these projectiles.

Octorok1 Or.gifOctorok2 Or.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages / Seasons
Quick Facts: As with most regular enemies in the Oracle Series, it is just the Octorok from LA with a different color scheme.

Octorok FS.gif
Appearance: Four Swords
Quick Facts: The sprite was polished up a bit, but other than that it still uses the same design as in LA.

Appearance: The Wind Waker
Quick Facts: Two variants appear in this game.

FSA Octorok.gif
Appearance: Four Swords Adventures
Quick Facts:

Octorok TMC.gif
Appearance: The Minish Cap
Quick Facts: The well known Octorok also appears in TMC, and again its simple design was reused. It looks like the game creators reused the exact same FS sprite, but this time it is a bit lighter colored. In this game there is also a special Octorok called the Golden Octorok. The boss of the fourth dungeon in this game near Lake Hylia is also a bigger version of the regular Octorok and has even the same name.




This enemy is the true all-star among the creatures in the Legend of Zelda, for it is the only creature that appears in every single Zelda game so far, and that is pretty telling! These enemies are usually more a nuisance than a real treat for they usually only try to attack you from a distance.

Legend of Zelda

Adventures of Link

A Link to the Past

The Octoroks in A Link to the Past are like the others, but these fiends shoot the nuts everywhere when Link gets close!

Link's Awakening (DX)

Ocarina of Time

The Octoroks of Ocarina of Time look a bit sad, but they are total meanies. If Link is on a cliff or higher than the Octorok, it will jump up and Link can't hit it because it will fall down!

Majora's Mask

Oracle of Ages / Seasons

Four Swords

The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Misscellaneous Notes

Manny's Art Casing

In TWW the sprite of the LoZ Octorok reappears on the object Manny is holding inside Carlov's Figurine Shop. This Octorok image even appears on the Manny's Figurine, when Carlov carves it out.

Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Because this enemy has appeared in all Zelda games so far it was given a trophy as well. The picture of the Octorok used there is based on the model from OoT/MM. The Octorok also appeared as a common enemy in the Underground Maze in the Adventure Mode of that game.


Relevant Quotes

Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Trophy Description:

These common enemies
made their debut in the
very first Legend of
Zelda game and have
been a staple of every
game in the series
since. They shoot rocks
from their mouths
at high velocity, but
the projectiles are
simple to block and
do very little damage.
Octoroks have low
stamina, so they don't
pose much of a threat
to good fighters.

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