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Letter to Kafei

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After the Postman delivers Kafei’s Letter to Anju in the afternoon on the first day, you can talk to her using Kafei’s Mask. This will trigger a new event as Anju will ask you to meet her this night at 23:30 in Stock Pot Inn’s Kitchen.

Once you get there at that time you will have a short conversation about her fiancée Kafei, she asks you to search for him because he’s missing for quite a few days and the wedding will be within three days. Anju then gives you the “Letter to Kafei”, which you have to deposit at one of the mailboxes in Clock Town before noon the next day. After the Postman delivers the letter to Kafei himself, Kafei then knows that a visitor will be coming so his door next to the Laundry Pool will be unlocked. Allowing you to get inside and meet him in person.

Miscellaneous Notes

The “Letter to Kafei” is only purpose is to help you bring Anju and Kafei together and your reward for that is the Couple’s Mask. Other than that the letter doesn’t have much use.

Relevant Quotes

Anju about the letter:

I am sorry to trouble you late at
night. It's about him...Kafei.
I received a letter from...him. Strange...Isn't it? Getting a letter from a missing person...
But there's absolutely no mistaking it's from him!
It's clear...to me...
Here is my letter. Please put this in a postbox.
When this is delivered...When he receives my letter... You should be able to meet him!
Please tell him that Anju is waiting for him.
And please, after you've seen him... Tell me how he looked.
I'm scared...I...I can't go.

Item Obtainment message:

You were given a letter to Kafei!
Quick! Deliver it for her! Take it
to a mailbox.


Country Name
Japanese カーフェイへの手紙 (Letter to Kafei)
English Letter to Kafei
French Lettre pour Kafei
German Brief an Kafei
Spanish Carta para Kafei

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