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Inverted Song of Time

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Below the land of Termina, living within the depths of underground caverns, dwells a mysterious being. Over time, this being’s knowledge has grown, and he has learned many songs whose mysterious power can control the flow of time. This being is… a talking scarecrow!

This scarecrow knows of a mysterious song, whose power can manipulate the speed of time itself. This song is known as the Inverted Song of Time, named thus because it is essentially the Song of Time played backwards! When someone plays this song, the flow of time is slowed down; however, no one (but the player) notices the slowed down time. When the user plays this song again, the flow of time is returned to normal, but nobody notices these changes but the player.

How to learn this song

There are several places you can find the scarecrow. One of them is the Trading Post in eastern Clock Town. The other location is in the basement of the Observatory. Once you become a member of the Bombers, you will gain access to their secret underground hideout. Essentially, it’s a number of tunnels that’ll lead you to the basement of the Observatory. There you’ll find the scarecrow.

Once you show the scarecrow your Ocarina, he’ll offer to teach you two songs that can control the flow of time. One of these songs is the Inverted Song of Time. Here is how it’s played:

N64 c downN64 aN64 c rightN64 c downN64 aN64 c right

The Inverted Song of Time does NOT appear on the Quest Status subscreen, so if you ever forget it, just remember that the song is just the Song of Time, but played backwards. In fact, you can use this song without ever talking to the scarecrow. This song is sort of "built-in" to the Song of Time.

Relevant Quotes

Scarecrow, after you play a custom song for him:

Yow! Oh, yeah!
That's a nice tune, baby.
By the way...
I know of a mysterious song that allows you to manipulate the flow of time...

Scarecrow, after you agree to learn the mysterious song:

Oh, yeah!
Now listen up!
If you play that mysterious song backward, you can slow the flow of time.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Inverted Song of Time
French Chant du Temps Inversé
German Ballade des Kronos
Spanish Canción del Tiempo Invertida

Except for the German version, which means as much as the "Ballad of Chrono(s)" the translations all mean the same.


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