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Imprisoning War

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The Sacred Realm

After the creation of Hyrule, the Golden Goddesses left, leaving behind the Triforce (the "Golden Power") in the hidden land known as the Sacred Realm[1]. In the Sacred Realm, the Triforce remained beyond the reach of men, until a doorway to that realm suddenly opened.

Desiring the Golden Power of the Sacred Realm -- for by touching it the gods would grant a man's wish -- people began to fight and they sought the hidden Sacred Realm. Reports claimed the Sacred Realm lay beneath the relics of the desert. Others claimed it to be inside the graves of the race of people in the high mountains[2].

No one found the sacred land. Greed lead to bloodshed. Then, one day a group of thieves[3] happened across the doorway. The Sacred Realm was a whole different world, and the Triforce shone from the twilight.

The thieves began to fights amongst themselves as they advanced toward the Golden Power[4]. The fighting ended when only the leader of the group, a man named Ganondorf, remained. He approached the Triforce, and touched it with hands soaked with fresh blood.

As the Ganondorf touched the Triforce, its essence whispered to him, "If thou has a strong desire or dream, wish for it," saying his wish will be granted. The man roared with laughter, a laugh so loud it's said it echoed even to the distant Hyrule.

This man is Ganondorf, but he is also known as Ganon of the evil thieves[5]. At this moment, the evil king Ganon was born[6].

The Imprisoning War

The Imprisoning War, known as the "Sealing War" in the Japanese version, is what follows.

The wish of Ganon is unknown. His evil power began to flow out from the Sacred Realm, into Hyrule. Greedy people were taken by the lure of this power, and vanished. Dark clouds filled the skies, and sinister events continually occured.

The king commanded seven sages[7] to seal the gate to the land of the Golden Power, being the source of evil, and knights of Hyrule were to protect them.

Because the Triforce is unable to judge between good and evil, as only a god can judge so, it does not know whether it's been touched by a pure heart or a dark one. For this reason, the gods instructed the people of Hyrule to create a sword which repels evil, in case an evil person touches the Triforce[8]. Created was the Master Sword, a sword only a true hero may use[9].

The sages searched for the Master Sword, and for a hero to wield it[10]. At the same time, Ganon's darkness neared the royal palace[11]. A mighty battle against the evil ones followed. Using their bodies as shields, many brave knights died, but not in vain. The sages had enough time to complete a seal. Evil ceased to flow from the realm.

The people of Hyrule rejoiced, for Ganon's misuse of the Triforce could no longer harm Hyrule. The story of the battle and the events around passed down from generation to generation, becoming known as the "Imprisoning War".

The Fate of the Seal

The seal should have remained for all time. Over time, these events became obscured by the mists of time. Several centuries after the seal had been cast, a mysterious priest[12], Agahnim, came to Hyrule. He took over duties of governing the country from the king[13].

Agahnim cast spells on the soldiers of the kingdom, ordering them to kidnap young maidens descended from the seven sages, planning to sacrifice them to break the seal.

This opens the tale for A Link to the Past.

The Imprisoning War and Ocarina of Time

The events of OoT are similar to those of the Imprisoning War.

While it's possible the passing of history obscured the true events, one notable difference is Ganon in OoT touching the Triforce left him with only the Triforce of Power, whereas Ganon in ALttP has the complete Triforce.


  1. ^  The original text says this is the "birth" of Ganon who has [later] threatened Hyrule. Considering ALttP is the third game in the series, the only time Ganon has been shown to threaten Hyrule is in the original LoZ title.

English version notes

Many things are changed in the English version. These are non-canon to the Japanese version of ALttP. These changes include.

  1. ^  The Sacred Realm is called the "Golden Land".
  2. ^  This is changed to "Death Mountain".
  3. ^  The thieves are said to be "skilled in the black arts".
  4. ^  In a long battle, the leader of the thieves fought past his own men to get to the Triforce.
  5. ^  His full name is given as "Ganondorf Dragmire," also known as "Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves."
  6. ^  ALttP SNES translated the sages as "wisemen". This is fixed in the GBA release.
  7. ^  Agahnim is changed to a wizard.
  8. ^  Agahnim "eliminated the good king of Hyrule".
  9. ^  The reason for creating the Master Sword is changed to "Suspecting that Ganon's power was based on the Triforce's magic, the people of Hyrule forged a sword resistant to magic which could repulse even powers granted by the Triforce."
  10. ^  Only one pure of heart and strong of body may use the Master Sword.
  11. ^  The sages, already having the Master Sword newly created, simply searched for a hero to use it.
  12. ^  Ganon sent his dark army into Hyrule to attack castle.