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There are two lettering systems of Hylia, possibly representative of two separate languages.

The first alphabet, introduced in OoT and used as well in Majora's Mask, is very primitive. Many sounds do no exist. The choice of letters is based on the basic Japanese alphabet.

The second alphabet, introduced in The Wind Waker, and used in The Minish Cap and other later Zelda games, is based on the complete Japanese alphabet.

The languages, like Japanese, use one character for a vowel or consonant+vowel sound. Hylian words translate directly into Japanese words.

Hylian Text in Games

Ocarina of Time

Common Texts

  •  ???

Written on arrow-shaped signs found in Hyrule.

  • ニンテント "NINTENTOU" (Nintendo)

Written on signs found all across Hyrule. The text is mirror side to side and top to bottom.


Kakariko Village

  • カカリコむら "KAKARIKO mura" (Kakariko Village)

This banner greets visitors to Kakariko, announcing the name of the village.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • ロンロンほくしよ (RONRON hokushiyo [from ぼくじょう "bokujyou"]) Lon Lon Ranch

This text appears both on the banner entering the ranch and on the entrance to the horse pen.

The word "lon" also appears on Malon's dress, in blue letters.

Majora's Mask

The Wind Waker


  • ゼルダのでんせつ かぜのタクト "ZERUDA-no densetsu kaze-no TAKUTO" (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)

The Wind Waker's game disc displays this text along its face.


  •  ??? (Signpost text)


  • コモリヘ "KOMORI-e" (to Komali)

The text on the letter to give to Komali.

Sea Charts

Japanese Roomaji English Chart
Beedle's Chart
ゆうれいせんのちず yuureisen-no chizu Ghost Ship Map Ghost Ship Chart
Great Fairy Chart
IN-credible Chart
しまのハートました shima-no HAATO mashita Islands of Increaing Heart Island Hearts Chart
Platform Chart
Secret Cave Chart
Submarine Chart

Windfall Island

  •  ??? (Windmill Sign [in Battleship Game Shop])
  •  ??? (Windfall poster found in ??? house.)
  • せかい いちの バクダン "sekai ichi-no bakudan" (World First Bombs)

Written on signs outside and inside of the bomb shop.

  •  ??? (Written on the side of the bridge.)
  •  ??? (Written on potion guy's outside shop sign.)
  •  ??? (Written on round coffee shop sign.)
  • しあわせ きようしつ "shiawase kiyoushitsu (from kyoushitsu)" (Lucky Classroom)

Appears on the sign ouside of the classroom.

  • あおの くも、しろの くも "ao-no sora, shiro-no kumo" (blue sky, white cloud)

Appears written on the chalkboard.

  • おもいやり "omoiyari" (consideration [being kind])

Written on a paper showing a girl and a pig.

The Minish Cap

  • ちいさくなれ "chisaku-nare" (Become small.)

Ezlo says these words when shrinking Link down to Minish size.

Library Books

Some books have a spine with text too tiny to show what's written, and other books have no text on the spine.

Shelf 1
Book 1: まつりの しきたり "matsuri-no shikitari" (Festival Customs)
Book 2: おはな ずかん "o-hana zukan" (Flower Encyclopedia)
Book 4: ふしぎの きのみ "fushigi-no kinomi" (Mysterious Seed)
Book 6: たらいとホース 1 "taraito HOOSU" (Triumph Forks 1)
Book 7: たらいとホース 2 "taraito HOOSU" (Triumph Forks 2)
Book 8: ふしぎの きのみ "fushigi-no kinomi" (Mysterious Seed)
Book 11: まつりの いた "matsuri-no uta" (Festival Song)
Shelf 2
Book 3: きのこ ずかん "kinoko zukan" (Mushroom Encyclopedia)
Book 5: ほしん せかい 1 "hoshin sekai 1" (Protecting the World 1)
Book 6: ほしん せかい 2 "hoshin sekai 2" (Protecting the World 2)
Shelf 3
Book 3: ?
Book 4: ?
Book 5: ?
Book 6: ?
Book 7: ハイロルの れきし "hairoru-no rekishi" (History of Hyrule)
Book 8: こだいぶんめいん 1 "kodaibunmein 1" (Ancient Civilization 1)
Book 9: こだいぶんめいん 2 "kodaibunmein 2" (Ancient Civilization 2)

Four Swords Adventures