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Link's grandma is a sweet little old woman who lives on Outset Island with her two grandchildren and cooks Elixir Soup for them.

Relevent Quotes

Nintendo Gallery

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Worrywart
This kind old woman works hard to raise her two grandchildren. She's a very talented cook - her special Elixir Soup is sure to raise anyone's spirit.
She can be somewhat mischievous and enjoys playing the occasional prank on Link.


After receiving the Hero's clothes:

Link, have you seen your sister,
Aryll, this morning?
I wouldn't be surprised if she's climbed up
to her favourite spot to play with the gulls
again today.
I've always thought it quite odd... She's the only person I know who the wild gulls will even approach.

After Tetra is dropped in the forest:

Link! What's the matter?
What's happened?
Where is Aryll?
I know she's a good girl who behaves herself, but she's still just a child. You mustn't let your eyes off of her.