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One of the masks in Majora's Mask which will change Link's form. The Goron Mask is used to turn Link into a Goron. Although this mask makes its first appearence in Ocarina of Time, it gives Young Link no abilities in that game.



Goron mask.gif
This mask looks like the face of a typical goron. Once worn, Links body size increases and he gains grey hair around his face. He is still wearing his green hat, and also has a green cloth around his waist.



The first of the abilities gained when wearing the Goron Mask is the punch attack. This is the main way of defeating enimies in this form, as weapons cannot be used. If used in succession, a combonation of moves is used, left punch, right punch and then bump them with your back, which causes the air to vibrate. This is a slow attack, and is ortem avoided by animies, especially when the 3 move combo is performed.


This makes Gorn Link curl up into a ball.This is not a very useful ability on its own but allows to to access may others. To use it, stand still, while Goron Link, and then press A button.


When Goron Link ir rolled up into a ball, if you move the control stick and hold it in any direction for long enough, Link will roll across the floor. If you have any magic power left, then and orange outline will apear around link and, after a couple of seconds, spikes will appear on the outside of links body, while rolled up of course. This is really useful, but can take some time to fully control. The only disadvantage to this is that magic power is consumed quite quickly and needs to be recharged if you want to stay in this form.

In this form Link is almost invincble, and can therefore destroy small enimies and cut down small patches of grass. If you bump into a wall or another solid object, your spikes will disappear and you will need to charge up by rolling again.


This is the another of the abilities access from being in a curl, although is much quicker than the roll. To use pound, curl into a ball and then press the B button. This ability is useful for pressing down the big circular switches found mostly in dungeons, and opening the door to the Goron Shrime in Goron Villiage.

It is also a useful attack for defeating close rande enimies.


Each for of Link used a different shield. Goron Links shield protects the whole of him. He kneels over and spiked come out of his back. This is useful as it also blocks attacks from above.


The instrument used by Goron Link is the drums. He has five drums strapped around his neck.

How it is Obtained

Like most of the other transformation masks in this game, this one is obtained by using the song of healing to heal someone In this case, Darunia the Third of Goron Villiage, or Darmi as the baby goron calls him.

After obtaining the lense of truth in Goron Villiage, use it to climb up the wall in the Moutain villiage to get to Darunia grave. Use to song of healing, and after the demo, his spirit will be transformed into a mask.

Relevant Quotes

The Ghost of Darmani the Third.

I am Darmani the Third.
The blood of proud Goron heroes
runs in me.

This feels strange for me to say, but when I was alive, I was a renowned warrior and veteran.


Country Name
Japanese ゴロンの仮面 (GORON no Kamen)
English Goron Mask
French Masque Goron
German Goronen-Haut
Spanish Máscara Goron


Apart from the German version they all have the same name.