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Quick Information
Appearances: LoZ, LA/DX, OoS, OoA, FS, FSA, TMC
Order: Ghost / Spirit
Habitat: Graveyards
Attack Pattern: Ghinis just float around and try to hit Link. Because the spectres are immaterial they can fly through any object.
GhiniArt LoZ.gif
Ghini LoZ.gif
Appearance: Legend of Zelda
Quick Facts: Ghini appears around the graveyard in the western part of Hyrule. They guard the graves, if you touch a grave a Ghini will appear to prevent you from opening it.

Ghini LA.gifGhini LADX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
Quick Facts: Ghinis are also refered to as ghosts in this game.

Ghini Or.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages / Seasons
Quick Facts: Interesting enough Ghinis are very difficult to defeat with the sword, but in the Oracle of Seasons 1 hit with the Rod of Seasons instantly eliminates the ghost.

Ghini FS.gif
Appearance: Four Swords
Quick Facts:

FSA Ghini.gif
Appearance: Four Swords Adventures
Quick Facts: Ghini appears mostly in big groups in this game.

Ghini TMC.gif
Appearance: The Minish Cap
Quick Facts: