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Earth God's Lyric

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Song learned from Laruto. Allows Link and Medli to destroy special barriers, primarily the one blocking the entrance to the Earth Temple. Medli also plays it to return power to the Master Sword.


In TWW, after entering the cave in Headstone Island, Link finds a large stone with directions on it for the Earth God's Lyric: Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center. When he plays it for the first time, an apparition appears to him in the form of Laruto, explaining that she was the Earth Sage before her death at Ganon's hands. She also explains that the Lyric will awaken the next Earth Sage, who is her descendant and carries her harp. The new Sage would be needed to help recover the power of Evil's Bane in the Master Sword.

When Link conducts the Earth God's Lyric to the Rito Medli, attendant to Valoo, she has a vision of Laruto teaching her about her fate. Memories about her destiny, long buried, come to the surface. After Link takes her to Headstone Island, they are able to destroy the stone blocking the entrance to the Earth Temple by playing the Earth God's Lyric together. They are able to destroy several other stones inside the Temple in this fashion.

After defeating Jalhalla, ruler of the Poes and killer of Laruto, Link, Medli, and an apparition of Laruto play the Earth God's Lyric, partially restoring power to the Master Sword. The true power of Evil's Bane cannot be restored to the blade until the Wind Sage is awakened.

Note that a bagpipe version of the Earth God's Lyric plays over the title screen, followed by the Wind God's Aria.


Baton DownBaton DownBaton NeutralBaton RightBaton LeftBaton Neutral

Relevant Quotes

Laruto, after Link learns the Earth God's Lyric:

In order to return the power to repel evil to
your sword, you must find another to take
my stead in this temple and ask the gods
for their assistance.
You must find the one who carries on my bloodline... The one who holds this sacred instrument...
Nothing can stop the flow of time or the passing of generations...but the fate carried within my bloodline endures the ravages of all the years. It survives.
The song you just conducted is one which will open the eyes of the new sage and awaken within that sage the melody that will carry our prayers to the gods.
The door that blocks your way will only open when the sage plays that song.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Earth God's Lyric
French Hymne du Dieu de la Terre
German Hymne des Terragottes.
Spanish Melodía del Espiritu de la Tierra
Italian Inno della Terra


I'm not exactly sure what all the translations mean, but they sure have Earth/Terra in common.


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