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Din's Fire is a powerful magic spell that wraps fire around the caster's body. A spherical wall of flame departs from the user's body, traveling slowly outward for some time until it fades away. This flame can light torches, burn wood, or damage enemies. Link, as a child in OoT, learns this spell from the Great Fairy of Magic who lives near Hyrule Castle. He casts it by crouching down, punching his right fist through the air, and then slamming his left fist into the ground. Using this spell consumes 6 MP, which is medium level.

Fire is usually connotated with the golden goddess Din, which may be why this spell is named after her. The spell may also use her power. Consider the creation account from the OoT manual: "Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth." The ALttP manual says that the "God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land." So either this spell's name only figuratively refers to Din's fire from the creation account, or the spell really does use Din's power to create flame.

Relevant Quotes


"Din's Fire (6 MP) - Fire wraps around Link's body, protecting him from harm. This is very helpful when surrounded by a large number of enemies." (p.25)


Item description: "You got Din's Fire! Its fireball engulfs everything! It's attack magic you can use with (C)."

Great Fairy's description: "You can use Din's Fire not only to attack but also to burn things!"


Country Name
Japanese ディンの炎 (DIN no Honō)
English Din's Fire
French Feu de Din
German Dins Feuerinferno


In Toki no Ocarina, this spell is given the name "DIN no Honō," or Din's Flame. "Honō" means flame or blaze, but this kanji is usually translated to "fire" in OoT. The same kanji is used to describe Din's "flaming arms" in the Deku Tree's account of Hyrule's creation, so this may indicate a relationship.

The German version of OoT calls this spell "Dins Feuerinferno," which means "Din's Fire-inferno." In the French version of OoT, the item description says that you can call upon a "puissante aura de feu destructrice," or "a powerful aura of destructive flame."

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