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Song learned in the Tower of the Gods that allows Link to psychically control people and statues by conducting left, center, right, and center.


When Link brings the first statue to the central room of the second story of the Tower of the Gods in TWW, a pedestal appears in the middle of the room. This pedestal has directions on it: Left, Center, Right, Center. When this is conducted using the Wind Waker, the result is the Command Melody. Later in the Tower of the Gods, Link conducts this and takes control of other statues. The control stick is then used to maneuver the statue, and [R] is used to switch back to controlling Link. While controlling Link, [R] is used to call the statue and have it follow Link, and [A] is used to pick up the statue ([A] and [R] are throw and drop, of course).

During the Earth Temple, the Command Melody is also used to control Medli. Medli can fly for a limited time, and she can take out her harp and use it as a mirror while under a beam of light. (Note also that Medli can fly when being carried or thrown by Link.)

During the Wind Temple, Link can likewise control Makar. Like Medli, he can fly, and he can also plant trees in soil patches that can be used as Hookshot targets.


Baton LeftBaton NeutralBaton RightBaton Neutral

Relevant Quotes

Laruto, after Link learns the Earth God's Lyric:

In order to return the power to repel evil to
your sword, you must find another to take
my stead in this temple and ask the gods
for their assistance.
You must find the one who carries on my bloodline... The one who holds this sacred instrument...
Nothing can stop the flow of time or the passing of generations...but the fate carried within my bloodline endures the ravages of all the years. It survives.
The song you just conducted is one which will open the eyes of the new sage and awaken within that sage the melody that will carry our prayers to the gods.
The door that blocks your way will only open when the sage plays that song.


Country Name Translation
Japanese  ?  ?
English Command Melody -
French Air du Marionnettiste Aira of the marionette player
German Sonata des Puppenspielers Sonata of the puppet player
Spanish Melodía de la Voluntad Melody of Will
Italian Canto del Burattino Song of the puppet


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