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Cabana Deed

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This nifty little piece of parchment is the only way to get into the Cabana on the Private Oasis. The Private Oasis is due south of the Tower of the Gods. When Link presents this deed to the door, which is oddly designed and has a butler’s personality, he will allow Link inside, accepting you as Master Link.

To get the Cabana Deed, Link must first play hide and seek with the Killer Bees. These brutish children are circling outside of Mrs. Marie’s school. After he has found them, they will inform him that Mrs. Marie’s birthday is coming up. After giving her 21 Joy Pendants, Link will receive the deed. Now Link is all set up to retire on his private oasis. But don’t hesitate to give Mrs. Marie more pendants… who knows what surprises might be in store.


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