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During the trading quest in Link's Awakening, Link obtains the Bananas when he trades the Canned Food to Sale the Crocodile. Since he's a collector of valuable food (preferably canned) he would be more than happy to trade with you. Bananas are the only thing Sale has for sale, so he trades them to you in exchange for the can. Oddly the crocodile eats the food along with the can just after you trade it to him; that's a strange way of building up a collection of cans.

Later on you can pay the Bananas to some monkeys near the Kanalet Castle, in order to have them build a bridge for you.

Miscellaneous Notes

Could it be a coincidence or is Kiki actually saying: "Chi-kiita", as in trade mark "Chikita" bananas.

Bananas also make some sort of reappearance in OoS, but there they are called Spring Bananas.


Old Man Ulrira on the phone:

Old man Ulrira  
here! ...Do you 
like bananas?   
Try talking to  
people in the   
village again!  
Bye!  CLICK!


I was hungry    
somethin' fierce
so I went and   
got bananas at  
the beach...    
Link , if you   
want some, you  
should go and   
get some!

Sale in his shop:

Welcome to      
Sale's House O' 
Bananas!  I'm   
Sale, this is my
house! Actually,
my hobby is col-
lecting rare and
unusual canned  
food. My brother
is an artist, so
I guess strange 
hobbies run in  
the family!

Monologue with Sale if you approach him with canned food:

What's that you 
have?!  It's    
canned food! For
heaven's sake,  
man, give that â
to ME!!  PLEASE!
He's hysterical!
What do you do? 
   Give Don't
(Link opts for "Give")
Oh thank you! I'll take that!
MUNCH MUNCH!! ... ... ... ... That was great! I know it's not a fair trade, but here's some bananas! YUM...
(Link obtains some Bananas)
You gave him (canned food picture) and got bananas (banana picture) in return! Good deal!

Kiki the Monkey, asking for the bananas:

Chi-kiita! Chi- 
kiita!  Kiki the
monkey!  Hungry!
Kiki the monkey!


Country Name
Japanese バナナ ('BANANA')
English Bananas
French Bananes
German Bananen

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