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The "Ballad of the Wind fish" has two different versions in the Legend of Zelda which don't seem to have any link between them, except for one thing: they are both composed by Mr. Koji Kondo.

Link's Awakening (DX)

The "Ballad of the Wind fish" is a song that Marin teaches you in this game. She sings it all the time, although it is never cleared up how or when she learned that song. Many people in Mabe Village like it and even all the way over in Animal Village there are fans of that song. Marin has actually even sung the BotWF in front of the Wind Fish's Egg herself, but without the Instruments of the Sirens the Wind Fish will not respond.
LinkMarinBallad LA.png

For Link the BotWF proves to be the most valuable of the three songs as it is the only way to make the Wind fish arouse from his eternal slumber. Also this song must be played on the Ocarina combined with all eight Instruments of the Sirens to open the entrance of the Wind fish's Egg, which leads him to the final battle with the most powerful Nightmares of Koholint.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask a different version of the BotWF exists, which is performed by the ancient Zora Band named the "Indigo-gos" with their lead singer who was the mother of Lulu, who is the current singer in the new group of the "Indigo-gos". The BotWF is a classic number that only some of the adult people like Toto and Gorman still seem to remember. The main purpose of performing the song as all four versions of Link in the Latté Milk bar at night, is to obtain the "Circus Leader's Mask" from Gorman. The song itself sounds different to its LA counterpart.

4LinksBallad MM.jpg

Here are the lay-outs for all of the four instrument versions:

Instrument Button Combination
Goron Drums N64 aN64 aN64 aN64 c downN64 aN64 aN64 aN64 c right
Zora Guitar N64 c upN64 c rightN64 c downN64 aN64 c upN64 c leftN64 c rightN64 c down
Deku Pipes N64 c leftN64 aN64 c downN64 c leftN64 c right
Ocarina of Time N64 c upN64 c leftN64 c rightN64 c left

Relevant Quotes

Link's Awakening

Marin after Tarin leaves for the woods:

Hi!  Tarin went 
to the forest to
look for toad-  
stools, but I'd 
rather sing.    
Listen to this, 
it's called the 
'Ballad of the  
Wind Fish.'
Hey! That's a nice Ocarina you have there! Will you accompany me as I sing?
I just love to sing-- what can I say? What do you like to do, Link ?

Marin just after Tarin returns home:

Link , Tarin's  
taking a nap at 
home.  I don't  
know how he can 
sleep on such a 
nice day!  It   
makes me want to
sing a song...  
Yes, the song is
'Ballad of the  
Wind Fish!'

Marin after she teaches you the Ballad of the Wind Fish on the Ocarina:

You've learned  
the 'Ballad of  
the Wind Fish!' 
This song will  
always remain in
your heart!
Please remember this song! You should play it every once in a while to keep it fresh in your mind!

The Owl after completing the 7th Dungeon:

Hoot!  That girl
sang her song in
front of the    
Egg! Her 'Ballad
of the Wind     
Fish' is a song 
of awakening!   
Did she actually
intend to wake  
the Wind Fish?! 
The next Sirens'
Instrument is in
the west.  Play 
your melodies so
the unliving    
stones might    
hear!  Show your
courage!  The   
Wind Fish waits 
for you!  Hoot!

Majora's Mask

Toto when meeting him in the lobby of Mayor Dotour's Residence:

That's the greeting used among us
Oh, forgive me. I am Toto, manager of the band, The Indigo-Go's.
I'm out of business cards, so a Zora greeting will have to do.
The Indigo-Go's is the popular group that we Zora are so proud of. They've put out a lot of songs.
One of their hits is "Ballad of the Wind Fish." You know that song, don't you?
Huh? You don't? Really? Even one that famous? Hmmm... You'd be able to hear it if the show wasn't canceled. It's such a shame.
Canceling the show isn't something I want to do at all.
It was the first performance at the carnival for The Indigo-Go's in a while, so I'm sorry for the fans.
But with the diva the way she is right now, a show would be...
Urr...Lately, only bad things have been happening at Zora Hall...

Gorman & Toto dialog after playing the BoftWF on stage:


Tha-That melody...
That melody...It brings back so many memories!


It's their old standby...
"Ballad of the Wind Fish."
That's the song that members of the previous generation of The Indigo-Go's made famous!


I entered show business because I
heard this song at the Carnival of
Time long ago...
By doing performances, I thought maybe I'd get to meet the singers of that song...


The one you heard singing must
have been the original Lulu,
mother of the current lead singer
who's also named Lulu.


So her daughter is singing now...
Is that so? I'd like to hear that...
I'm sorry I booed you... Please, take my mask.

(Recieves the Circus leader's Mask)

You've done good work...
Now you flee, too...

Miscellaneous Notes

Here's a link to a page containing several real ocarina songs for the Ballad of the Windfish: Song Book


Country Name
Japanese 「風のさかな」 (kaze-no sakana)
English Ballad of the Wind fish
French La Ballade du Poisson du Vent
German Die Ballade vom Wind fish
Spanish Balada del Pez Volador


The Japanese is simply called "Wind Fish".

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