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Human living at Dragon Roost Island. Link helps him get a job as a mail sorter.



The young man named Baito has quite a distinct look compared to the other humans in this game. He has brown hair, a beard, some freckles on his cheeks and wears nothing more than shoes and some blue shorts. The most noteworthy trademarks are the two blue colored tattoos on his body, one covers the mayor part of his left arm, back and both shoulders. The other is a small tattoo on the lower part of his right leg close to his right heel. He also carries a small bag with him, which he probably uses to carry some of his belongings from home.

After the newly employed Baito starts working he asks Link to do a 25 Letter Sort to motivate him in his work, when Link succeeds Baito will be so impressed that he gives him the Note to Mom, this letter can be posted at any mailbox. The next day you can a letter addressed to you in the deposit boxes, it's from Kashiko (Baito's Mother) who thanks you for helping her son. As a reward a Piece of Heart comes along with the letter.


Baito arrives at Dragon Roost Island's shore just after Link finishes the Dragon Roost Cavern. What he did before this period remains unknown. Baito will be looking around trying to find his way. He is here for his job interview with Koboli for a job at the mail department of the Ritos. After Link manages to get a score of 25 (or higher) with the Letter Sort mini game, Baito will appear behind the counter of the mail sorting system all of a sudden. So it seems that after that event Baito got hired for the job by Koboli.

Miscellaneous Notes

Baito's freckles suggest that he is a fairly young person, but since he has some tattoos covering his body it would fair to say his age would presumably be somewhere closer to 20 years.

Relevant Quotes

First time you meet Baito near shore of Dragon Roost Island:

Listen, man, you're not one of the native
islanders, are you?

Second time you speak to him:

My problem is, I just have no idea how I'm
supposed to get up there, and I have a job

Baito behind the counter after the legendary 25-letter Sort:

Oh.. my.. gosh!
25 letters!
Amazing, man!
I'm so impressed! Seriously, man!
I've got to tell my mom back home all about this. I just gotta!
I've got a favor to ask of you, man.
I'm still new here, so I'm not allowed to leave. So, would you mind putting this letter to my mom in the postbox for me?
Thanks a lot, man!
(Receives "Note to Mom" letter)
I guess I could just throw it in here with all the other letters, but...
I just can't bring myself to do it! It's against the rules, man!

NPG's Description of Baito:

Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Earnest
Baito is very earnest when it comes to mastering a job. He often misses his mother and gets homesick, which can be quite hard on him.
He wants to be like Link.


Country Name
Japanese バイト君 (BAITO ?)
English Baito
French Le commis de la Poste
German Beit
Spanish Novi
Italian Partaim


The Italian translation is just "Part-time" written in English written out phonetically. Also the French decided to remove his name and just call him: "The Postoffice Clerk".

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