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Bad Bat

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Quick Information

Appearance: MM
Order: Bat
Habitat: Southern Swamp
Quick Facts: Bad Bat could well be a Outdoor equivalent of the Keese. Since Bad Bats are only found outside buildings and caverns. The Bad Bat acts exactly the same as a Keese or Ache, it will remain in it position for as long as you keep distance. They will only attack enemies in close range, and will return quickly to their spot if their victim runs off.
Attack Pattern: Similar to the Keese. Flies around and swoops down crashing into Link.



In the fields of Termina there is only one place were these guys appear. Four or five of these bats guard the Heart Piece that sits atop the lone tree in the Southern Swamp. Bad Bats look a lot like Keese the way they look and behavior.


Just as with the Keese you can tell one is close to you when you hear a distinct sound of the flapping of their arms. Bad Bats are very territorial and will only attack people who get close to their place, often a Bad Bat will retreat to his spot if one flies too far away from his spot. With the aid of projectiles like arrows or the Hookshot you can easily pick the off even at great distances. When one is following Link, he can also try to run for a few meters then stop, quickly turn around and take it down with one slash of the sword.

Miscellaneous Notes

The sprite of a Bad Bat is amazingly simple, just a black figure with red eyes. Not much time was spent on rendering this little guy. Mainly because it only appears on one spot in the entire game.

Relevant Quotes

Tatl's Advice in Majora's Mask:

"It's a Bad Bat. If you don't do
something before it swoops down
on you...Well, just don't come
running to me!"


Country Name
Japanese バッド・バット (BADDO BATTO)
English Bad Bat
French Saigneur
German Flatterwicht
Spanish Badbat

As usual English and Spanish translations are correct, and French and German were probably created with the aid of the translators imagination.

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